New review: the Lords of discipline 22.06.2017

Today on the agenda we have a film about the Institute, which trains military officers, but still not some abstract institution, and quite specific — it is located in the U.S. state of South Carolina. But that’s to learn there — at least in the sixties — was not nice, so, despite the apparent prestige of this educational program — forgive dear readers for this word, but there can not do without it — there just wouldn’t like it. Judge for yourself, is it right when a mandatory condition for learning is the humiliation of freshmen “grandfathers”? Yes, that they have almost a written Charter, and even encouraged, because someone decided that the young cadet should definitely try to break, otherwise it won’t make a soldier, but still using methods so sadistic that they do not cause anything but disgust. But against the existing system could not go. You can certainly try, but how will it end?

The film’s protagonist will McLean tried to go. Really why? This is us the movie doesn’t explain, just creating an image of the correct character, which repelled all these sadistic antics. Even a reprimand from General not able to get it to change. He immediately appears before us a black sheep of sorts that acts is extremely noble, trying to reason with those of their fellow students, which operate within the established order. Yes, and about the time of action should not be forgotten, the racism at that time in the USA was very strong. No, your humble author did not like, when someone is humiliated and almost an enemy of the people declare only due to the fact that his skin is a different color — who cares, you’re white or black, the main thing that people were good. But about will not say — you can probably believe that he was completely indifferent and he acts on the side of the Negro only to show us is that good. Just do not believe.

Or maybe it’s with the game David Keith that something is not okay? Maybe he just failed to reveal his character, show his integrity and generosity? How repugnant to him rules, the way he worried about his comrades, who are being bullied — it looked like he perceives everything that happens as a game, inciting his friends to a violation of the Charter not because of its principles, and in order to break something. In the opinion of your humble author’s choice of actor was not good — not he coped with his role perfectly. Yes, even in the secondary characters bill Paxton and Michael Bien’s life and credibility far more than he — it was hard to believe, but he was, alas, no.

But if you try to forget it, to imagine that will exactly what was supposed to be, not what was on the screen, the result is a good drama about a brutal training system. May be just because of her, we got Vietnam, Korea, Yugoslavia, Iraq? Forget about compassion, to mock those who are weaker, to feel better than others? Not everyone who will withstand attempts to break you will be able to maintain his compassion, but rather a desire to get revenge — let others also learn, let them experience what once had to endure me. The ring is closed and break it, despite all the attempts and even blackmail impossible. That developed over decades cannot be eliminated, rather it will take more perverse forms than before.

What a strange thing happened — the film is very good, but for some reason- maybe just because not vpechatlilo the main character — your humble author did not love it. Yes, the score is high enough, but in the collection it will not leave

8 out of 10

New review: the Lords of discipline 22.06.2017

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