New review: the Lost city of Z 26.06.2017

A potentially powerful film was the victim of some incompleteness, especially nesobrannosti. The authors certainly wanted to make everything better, but chased too many goals. Of course the film raises a number of important and intriguing topics, but the time for their disclosure to him is clearly not enough. Maybe if the film focused on one of the covered issues, the picture would have been more seamless.

And now we have a pretty strong biopic about the heroic Colonel devoted his life to finding lost civilizations. This aspect is shown well, although I do not understand why the authors have shown as many as three expeditions. Liked the undercover games at London geographical society, straight wanted to see a separate film about them. But the conflict with his wife intended to raise the issue of gender equality was quite dull.

Suddenly, the movie came out not very beautiful, one of the most beautiful places on the planet looks shapeless green mass. I understand that from the point of view of the person who had to navigate through the jungle, they are unlikely to appear beautiful, but we are still watching a feature film, albeit based on real events. On the whole, the film devotes too much time life routine and makes it extremely inventive.

I thought it was boring, though perhaps it’s just necessary to look at proper mood.

6 out of 10

New review: the Lost city of Z 26.06.2017

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