New review: the Madness of love 03.10.2017

“… I didn’t kill your father and your friend! How could I?!… But they stood between me and my Priya!…”

Nah, well all can understand, and love, and madness as a result of love, but to wrap it and eventually to organize such an end? As the actors have agreed on such nonsense? I wanted to put… well, a bad grade, to the middle of the movie he changed his mind, somehow “considered” and decided, let’s examine just two hours, but the end just killed me. But let’s order. Firstly, I’m not fond of this kind of protracted. The film was shot almost 10 years. I mean, some scenes were filmed in the early 2000s, then put on the shelf, then some scenes again finished. Naturally, Priyanka and PI during this time has varied. Chee grew old, he grew fat, Priyanka did her nose, lips, and something else there. Even it was interesting to track Princini scenes “then and now” — clearly shows how and where it changed her face. The age of the actors is also changing, one changing from frame to frame coif Shakti Kapoor is worth. In General, there is something to complain about. It’s too “dolgostroy unfinished.”

But if this technical gaffe was the “spnum”. It would be possible even to survive. But the plot… the Plot is stuck in the 80-90-ies, when it was all naive, trite and predictable. Pleased all kinds of songs Ala meadow, trees, flowers, and more in the style of “someone’s wedding”, in General, in the spirit of the time with a stop-shots chapters. characters in the song. One guy, Basant, from a rich and prosperous family, went with his friends-musicians and beggars in Jaipur and saw Priya. As usual, fell madly in love. In the same Jaipur each Basant, Vasant (this one letter to me did not give rest, I could not understand, what’s the trick here, the translators clearly pronounced the names) saves the life of this Priya, donating her blood at the hospital. But our Basant impersonating Vasanta, Priya is lying, everyone is lying, entangled more and more. Here Govinda in a negative role, actually crazy-crazy, I haven’t seen him in dramas, and especially in the role of a guy “without a roof”. Of course, he handled it very well, if you exclude the fact that the frame is flashed then PI forties, closer to fifty dollars. Believe me, it shows. In songs it is good, I especially liked the first one, “Besharam bechari”, this dance tune (although it looks more than listens, dancing Howie song is almost a fairy tale). Well, shooting themselves, the camerawork — all in the spirit of the time, and the dialogue seems perhaps he Kader Khan wrote… here and Levera called… of Course, do not include his scenes with the main plot, but I don’t know why I was glad to see he was jealous for his wife-pullets.

About Priyanka I can not say, ordinary girl, very beautiful, deceived her evil Basant, played smoothly, except for the last scene was hysterical. This is the end I was freaked out. And not so much in its absurdity, how the perverted morality of some kind. Like, I’m in love and it’s all worth it, I’m not to blame. Sometimes I had the feeling that the actors, covered with tears, snot and blood, I feel all this idiocy for yourself here-here will break and send all to hell — Director and screenwriter, and go for a walk. But no, they all dutifully played. Comrades, but how? On his conscience… I will not say how many bodies, but she still loves him — because he keeps her earring in the pocket at the heart. No words, curtain.

In short, I don’t understand why the film released after all these years… after all, it is extremely wrong message mentally unstable patients that for the love of all good, including murder. And in love with a murderer is not a murderer and falling in love. How do you do?…

For me, so we can safely ignore. I didn’t miss it, because I love the Priyanka and Govinda.

8 out of 10

New review: the Madness of love 03.10.2017

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