New review: the Magnificent seven back in the saddle 21.11.2017

Chris Adams, having gone to bed, becomes a Sheriff and is preparing for the wedding. The bride persuades Chris to let 18-year-old Shelley, which leads to fatal consequences. Shelly gang kidnaps and kills her and Chris seriously wounded. But in the neighboring town of some bandits De Toro killed all men and raped women. To deal with this Chris again gathers a team of seven people.

In this film the role of the protagonist of the series, Chris Adams plays Lee van Cleef. By the way, they have Ulam Brinner there was a kind of reshuffle: the year before Brynner played in “farewell, Sabat”, the sequel to one of the most famous spaghetti Western with van Cleef. In terms of charisma, If, of course, brighter Kennedy played Chris in the third part. Another thing the film itself is very mediocre.

For livening up introduced more female characters, including Stefanie powers and Mariette Hartley. Also among the minor characters, you notice a young Gary busey. But this picture helps a little. Stamped the story with no memorable characters, this rests on the Western Lee van Cleef. His involvement saves the picture from complete failure.

A film for fans of Lee van Cleef. For the early ‘ 70s like the film looked obsolete. And the series itself has become obsolete for the second part.

5 out of 10

New review: the Magnificent seven back in the saddle 21.11.2017

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