New review: the maid’s Room 30.07.2017

Did you know that if you try to cover up a crime by committing new crimes, the result will be negative? If not, then view this film. Or read Agatha Christie.

Not to say that the film is deadly boring, but generally close to it. There are a couple of episodes when I Wake up. Acting I did not like, though, maybe it’s because it just was not “replayed”. Music — on the level. Let’s say, invisible.

The biggest problem of the film, in my opinion, the complete lack of dynamics. Even when the action takes place on screen is some kind of action, like murder or a fight, the viewer somehow doesn’t feel anything. Maybe it is because all the ones before that lasted so long and so tedious that the feeling of boredom never leaves.

A very average film with a fairly well-worn plot.

New review: the maid’s Room 30.07.2017

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