New review: the Maltese Falcon 12.10.2017

“In the face of Samuel spade was something mefistofelevskuyu: long, bony, pointed chin, permanently raised the corners of the lips, a deep triangular cutout nostrils, eyebrows braslet over the two folds of which was stuck a hooked nose, but the wedge short light brown hair between large bald patches. Normal and not slanted, as expected, was only his yellowish-gray eyes.”

So begins one of the most famous novels in the history of world literature “the Maltese Falcon” Hammett Dashila. One of the first coolest detectives I’ve read. But before that, in 10 years I saw a great film by John Houston, based on this novel. The picture became the founder of one of my favorite genres, Noir. I didn’t know anything about the existence of film Noir, but the film made a lasting impression on me. Detective story, a fatal Mary Astor, sinister and dangerous Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet. And above all the monumental figure of Humphrey Bogart in the role of Sam spade. Since I love Noir and love the cool detective.

The curious thing is that for John Huston, it was a directorial debut. Humphrey Bogart mostly played supporting roles in gangster movies. For 62-year-old Sidney Greenstreet the film became a full-fledged film debut. All of them praised this picture. Noir or films that can be identified so appeared before Houston, but it is the “Maltese Falcon” was the first great archetype of the genre, the elements of which all focused followers.

I’ve seen a lot of Noir. Some I liked more the Falcon. But still in the rankings of my favorite genre films, he is consistently in the top three. Who did not watch watch the movie, and of course read the novel Hammett.

9 out of 10

New review: the Maltese Falcon 12.10.2017

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