New review: the Man from Boulevard des Capucines 03.10.2017

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Despite the fact that the Soviet cinema, I am cool, most of the films I’ve seen. Many of them, in its way, quite good. This is mainly Gaydaevskie Comedy and melodrama Ryazanovskoe. Well, a separate branch are the films about the war. What is this movie, with him I met now for the first time. Not to say that the familiarity it gave me great pleasure.

In one of the small towns in the Wild West comes John Festa, with the aim to open for local residents, the magic of the cinematograph. At first, everything adds up perfectly. Local brawlers and drunkards under the influence of silent film, start to change. But not everyone in town is so excited a new kind of art…

I am not a fan of westerns. I saw quite a number of them, and mostly they’re cut on the same pattern. The genre is totally played out at the end of last century. But back to “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines”. And before us is an obvious parody of the foreign westerns. But considering that these films have little to judge strictly, I will not.

In this tape, mixed an incredible amount of genres. Ranging from melodramas and westerns, ending with a musical and Comedy. But oddly enough, it looks very appropriate. Sure, I tried to do the same thing the Americans, alas, they have such an explosive mixture will not do. We have the same looks very organic. Especially when you consider the year of release of the film.

Otherwise, this is a relatively good movie of those times. Everyone will find in it a piece of something of his. Here is not a bad script (even new, again adjusted for the year), are crammed with philosophical overtones. There is a light and unobtrusive humor. Famous songs, which are now recognizable from the first notes. Well, the star cast of the film will be envied by many Russian (and Soviet) Directors.

But it’s all pluses. Of course there are negative sides. Main from them — as it is regrettable, but “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines” is hopelessly outdated. There are films shot for the ages, and they will look all with the same interest, as in their time. This picture, with all due respect to her fans, so I can not name. So the rating is average. There are works of Soviet cinema, which more than deserve to be in Top 250 than this.

5 out of 10

New review: the Man from Boulevard des Capucines 03.10.2017

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