New review: the Manchurian Candidate 28.07.2016

Initially pay attention to this movie solely because the actor — Frank Sinatra. But from the first minutes it became clear that the Manchurian Candidate remembered me not only this wonderful artist. The fact that this is a significant film that needs to see every fan of detective stories, thrillers, and any action movies. These days, many might scare style of the movie. Yes, it has notes of “American patriotism”. Yes, it is “the evil Russian”, “heroic Americans” and so-forth. But you need to remember what era this film was released in the midst of the Cold war. 1962. Behind the Cuban revolution and Bay of Pigs, a few days after the premiere peaked the Cuban missile crisis. The world on the brink of World war III. At this time, both sides USSR and USA, just punched films exposing the opponents in a bad light and whitewash their own States. Against this background, the Manchurian Candidate is not allocated, and moreover, it may seem dull, because the propaganda in this film, not so much. Actually, propaganda is the smallest and insignificant part of this film. And here is an interesting and intense plot — on the contrary.

When I read the reviews about this film, I was a little skeptical about what it called the most vivid psychological Thriller, the climax of the genre. In fact, the ‘ 60s films often naive, manipulative and overly pretentious. To take them seriously, much less two hours under stress… It seemed to me implausible. Moreover, the Director was not Alfred Hitchcock, a genius of suspense, in my opinion, the Director, is able to play on the nerves in those years. But I was wrong. This film has rightfully earned all of their “titles”. Despite the political and military issues, despite the era and events is primarily a psychological Thriller, spine-tingling, for almost the entire screen time. There are well thought-out plot, interesting and fresh ideas that we did not hesitate to borrow even in the sphere of popular video games, and wonderfully written characters with believable personalities and goals. But the most important thing in this movie, there is no predictability. It is absolutely unclear what will happen next. And the last 20 minutes of screen time… About them and did not talking: the tension reaches such a level that it seems that watching their family, not for fictional characters. In this film, carefully and almost perfectly adjusted, all that is in the psychological Thriller genre.

Separately want to say about acting. As mentioned above, initially, I was attracted in this work, the lead actor, a wonderful singer and actor Frank Sinatra. Before that, I was only familiar with his musical creativity, which is always admired. From this day I admire Sinatra as an artist. He played totally natural. All the emotions etched on his face from the first frame until the final credits. But most importantly — there is no intersection Sinatra-Sinatra singer and actor. I mean the way. In music Sinatra is a romantic, a playboy who loves women, and he reciprocates his feelings. In this film, these images did not remain even a trace. And this once again underscores the talent of the man.

Also, not to say about the Director and the operator. I especially want to highlight close-UPS of sweaty, in moments of stress, individuals (the winter), which emphasize the tension of the moment. Black-and-white film emotional strain to pass is quite difficult, due to the lack of colors, but the team coped with this, and very good.

In the end I want to say that the Manchurian Candidate is one of the best representatives of the genre “psychological Thriller”and an excellent example of an action movie, I’m not afraid to say it was ahead of its time. Very soon the Directors (Mr. Hitchcock is the exception) will be able so skillfully to keep the audience in suspense, especially since the theme of the film is not typical of the Thriller genre (no serial killers, a brilliant and charismatic criminals, etc.), and nowadays they are extremely rare. By the way, if to speak about political propaganda in movies, in modern cinema it is clearly over the top, distorting the historical facts and events in favor of himself. Despite the fact that this movie was filmed in the height of the Cold war, as mentioned above, it does not. Moreover, this film can be called prophetic: nearly a year after the premiere, USA was killed by the President. Is it a coincidence? Guessing whether the film Director, and political events of those times really were possible to suspect such an outcome? Unknown. It is only known that many works of art have predicted those or other historical events. This film, coincidentally or not, has joined the list of such works that only increases its significance.

10 out of 10

New review: the Manchurian Candidate 28.07.2016

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