New review: the Matrix of time 31.07.2017

A lovely film, a youth drama with a mystical bent, great acting, great soundtrack. The plot isn’t original, plus or minus — is another question. Because I have loved this form of expression and not a familiar theme. Maybe a little trivial and ordinary beginning only improved the perception of the dramatic and dynamic 2/3 of the film. I got from the picture a lot more than expected. Went for just a pretty film teenage and youth issues. But in the end — Yes, youth, teen, but very atmospheric, dramatic and with a bunch of even quite ordinary, but nevertheless, pressing social issues.

Girly movie for the presentation of the material. What busy girls, their thoughts, conversations, behavior — here the visualization of many guys in high school. Of course, more American slant, but still… teenagers are almost the same everywhere, their conversations, thoughts, desires, and other — too. But for me, this movie was valuable not so much a plot, and even thoughts, which creates the theme and atmosphere is just incredible. It’s rainy, gray and lilac, the Pacific coast States. From the point of view of the picture — something incredible. Camera work to cheer. And awesome music all along the movie. The correct ending of the story.

Maybe because I have a daughter close to the heroines age, I’m so clear and close all those girls. I empathized, I understood, I wept.

Yes, nothing special and new here will not see. But… I was hooked movie hooked. Found an echo in the soul. Penetrated its atmosphere. Let the youth is looking at ourselves. And to think how you live your day, every day, it is unknown what the account — maybe one, and maybe the last. And, it would be nice to appreciate it, not to devalue.

And.. I really liked the main character, actress Zoe Deutch, she has a very nice smile. She played naturally and just their role.

8 out of 10

New review: the Matrix of time 31.07.2017

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