New review: the Matrix of time 31.07.2017

This week, rolling out the movie the Matrix Time well, how to say left. Distributors — “Paradise” — a film almost failed. Look for it stands only in “marginal” cinemas, a small number of sessions. Is it fair? Discuss.

Well, after seeing the trailer, all we can see that the Matrix of Time is a youth modern adaptation of the Groundhog Day 1993 bill Murray. Only here we have the story simplified, the youth, the cycle gets a schoolboy on Valentine’s Day with all the consequences. And the ensuing versatile.

On the one hand, the story has received a multiple, just multiple more superficial than Groundhog Day. If you analyze the story in more detail, you will understand that motivation, reactions, variants, and the course of events in Groundhog Day, just thoughtful and dramatic. The hero Murray really suffered, was in despair, changed character, did all I could, including multiple suicides have purely “for fun”, not yet reached the stage to do good throughout the land and self-improvement. In the Matrix of Time writers have nahastailea in this plan for the full emotional development of the situation the heroine (and it’s a teenage girl, Kamon!) stubby and cut. But that’s not the point, of course.

There were already numerous attempts to make films, repeating the idea of the Butterfly Effect and Groundhog Day. While successful, we can say, did not. Including the terrible 2’s and 3 pieces of Butterfly Effect, the gods forbid you to see them. Matrix Time is the most adapted piece of gum on a complex and multifaceted storyline of Groundhog Day, adapted for modern students. Perhaps this is the only correct positioning.

But if you renounce classic stories and watch the movie offline, it’s not bad. The plot, of course, not so deep and multifaceted, but it is interesting, boredom is not gaping. I would like more variations, I would like more dynamics and more dramatic interchanges, but then there are it is quite good for a single viewing. Something like, and served something moral and the moral to the viewer, and that’s good.

What kills the film is the final ending. Well, how could you be so reckless to nedorite idea, just hands straight down and more or less positive mood of the film is thrown on the side of the road. So many scenarios, and selected the most trite boring. Sorrow trouble. And even this banal could make a much more emotional to remember the brighter and a point set. But no, figushki.

But what I want to say. The film clearly went to the audience, if it received the support of distributors. Got a bit of advertising and a little more screens in big cinemas (or at least at all the screens got). I’m here this weekend in the first week of hire was forced to go to the dying 12-salnik Formula Kino, Moscow on mozhayke, because in other multiplexes the film was not stupid, even a single session. And it’s sad. On the other hand, the world premiere was in January, so you know how to resolve the situation. In General, watching a movie at home is quite applicable. Big screen here is not particularly required.

Total. The story is superficial and shallow, but it is currently interesting for a single viewing. And the subject itself is enticing and enthralling. I always when watching similar films present themselves, if I were in such an endless loop, what would I do and how it would happen. Immediately still highly depends on the particular day when this can happen…

7 out of 10

New review: the Matrix of time 31.07.2017

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