New review: the Matrix of time 31.07.2017

Another work from unknown Director who tried his hand in almost all spheres of the film industry. She was a writer, producer, cinematographer, actress, editor and finally Director. Can’t say that the new film is worthy of the attention of every viewer, but view still stands.

The plot of the film, of course, to the horror familiar to fans of the legendary “Groundhog Day”, as in this picture only the girl heroine is going through the same day an infinite number of times, desperately trying to figure out why this happened. This story is also used every possible cliche found in youth movies. Here you will see big parties, alcohol, outcasts who are bullied in school, preparing for the first sexual experience, kissing, betrayal, and difficulty with parents. The lack of originality, of course, blunting interest in the view, but thanks to one actress you continue to watch. Yes, thanks to one actress zoey Deutch, who with her charm simply chained me to the screen. A clear image of the heroine is perceived during playback. Throughout the film we see her in different clothes, makeup, mood, thereby changing the behavior of the character, her personality, Outlook on life and it’s just nice to watch because the actress look cute with pretty eyes. In essence, the character the audience is not bored, because it’s always different and always stunningly beautiful.

As for performances, I am sure that the Director specifically chose gray and dark blue tones to the picture. Gloomy weather, shrouded in cold mist and rain throughout the film, which already hints at some depressing echoes. But in the end the plot there is a serious and adult promise and meaning for the viewer, especially for young people.

I’m not going to judge the final picture, as is the choice of screenwriter and Director, but still I do not really agree with this approach.

If you touch the other actors, many faces seem familiar, as they are all actively starring in various TV series / movies. In this case, all the background looks like the background in contrast to the main character.

Summarizing, we can confidently say that all fans of the youth melodrama is definitely to pay attention to it, as for the other, then there is a matter of taste. By the way, the movie has justified their costs, so if this is your figure, then you will enjoy viewing.

6 out of 10

New review: the Matrix of time 31.07.2017

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