New review: the Method 29.09.2017

Heard a lot about “Technique” as one of the best Russian TV series, and indeed it is.

“Method” is a combination of True Detective, the Sherlock Holmes “Crime and punishment” (probably because of the name of the main character Rodion). Brutal murder, amazing powers of observation and attention to detail, distinctive understanding of human psychology and an incredible instinct with intuition — that unites these movies and TV shows.

Each episode is dynamic (which is not true on True Detective), there is no “water” or something extra. And despite the fact that for most of the series from the opening minutes we know who committed the crime, it does not discourage the desire to look further. On the contrary, becomes more interesting as the characters Knightley (Rodion Meglin) and Andreeva (asana) will build a logical chain and what are the true motives of each killer?

The motives are simple. We all come from childhood. And everything that happens at a very young age with us or our loved ones, leaves a lasting impression in the memory and affects what we are today. Social attitudes, values, problems… This show the creators of the series. Even then, what Rodion Meglin, people with extraordinary abilities, is a consequence of the events of his childhood and adolescence.

As for the game actors, it’s amazing. Konstantin Khabensky opened for me in new ways. I knew he was a talented actor, but this series personally, I didn’t have that wow effect from his games. Here believe him. Convincing Alexander Petrov. If left to whom the questions is to Paulina Andreeva. She plays very well and looks very nice to me. But she all the time the same emotion, as throughout the series, and in other films (e.g. “Locusts” it is exactly the same). But it absolutely does not spoil the film (this is only my observation), it is very organic it looks, in tandem with Khabensky turned out great, a sort of Holmes and Watson.

The plot, the acting, the music and the initial splash screen — everything is fine.

Highly recommend this series. Especially those who consider that Russia can’t do anything well and with dignity.

10 out of 10

New review: the Method 29.09.2017

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