New review: the Mind on fire 18.06.2017

For Gerard Barrett’s “Mind on fire” is the third work in the quarry.

It would seem that Susanna lives well. She has a good job for another age, family, whole career ahead of him. The heroine is no reason for a nervous breakdown. The unexpected is the appearance of the disease. Suzanne like crazy out of the blue, like something in her broke. Really scary that this could happen to anyone.

We see the family and friends of Suzanne, worry about it. In addition, the creators are simply forced to watch the movie till the end, because there is a desire to know what kind of mysterious illness the heroine. You may be disappointed in the end. Interchange — just a click of the fingers. Is this really what we waited for? With a cinematic point of view the picture was taken a boring, normal camera work. What is really there, the film tightened.

Chloe grace Moretz should enter into textbooks as an example of how not to play. More replay to invent was impossible. Mentally ill people do not behave. Oh, how Moretz goggles, a sensation that they were going to pop out of my skull. The replay is terrible. Need another marker on Lua to write “I’m crazy” to get into character a talentless actress.

Thus, the “Mind on fire” — steamship movie. Wasting time is not recommended.

6 out of 10

New review: the Mind on fire 18.06.2017

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