New review: the mountain Between us 05.10.2017

New survival-Thriller-drama about survival in the winter in the snow in the mountains. Instead of DiCaprio, bear, and horse — Idris Elba, Kate Winslet and Labrador. What happened in the end, without spoilers — I will share impressions below.

In the film there is a very positive thing. The lack of ties of the plot. That is only the beginning of the film and immediately went to action, without this long tedious Intro. Partly very good, but on the other hand makes it clear that the film will go more into the drama because the characters will have to disclose already in the course of the play. In the film there is one negative thing that kills all the positive that I have written now. This is, ahem, how to say censuree… Stupid, idiotic, dumb, mindless, unnecessary, long and hellishly stereotypical ending, which in the last seconds I slammed a palm on his forehead, that someone behind, apparently, took this as a cautious applause, and even tried to applaud, too. But I don’t applaud… Just remember. The film is supposed to be end at a moment of “truck”. Next was supposed to be nothing, then it would be the experience of the film was released in ten times more positive, and the evaluation would movie received a score of 8 from me. Why these last 15 minutes, who do they took it to the head — the mystery of the century. But the writer I would have for this shot, and the Director cut the eggs, since courage is not enough it is all cut to hell and leave the maximum for the DVD and the “extended Director’s version”.

The entire film rests on two actors who are trying to survive after a plane crash high in the snowy mountains. The movie is not full of action, it is surprisingly small. As well as themselves and adventure. It’s more of a road-movie came out. With elements of survival and the sentiment “we’re all gonna die, but try to survive.” In General, to monitor the development of the plot is not boring, but tedious at times sensitive, in the absence of some “encyclopedias” that heroes all more interesting. But, as I wrote above, the creators have offered us more drama (and in the end just a fucking Santa Barbara in the worst possible incarnations) than action. But overall, for the genre is quite well and good. Still of Idris Elba and Kate Winslet let not the stars of the first magnitude, but it is quite sturdy and good actors.

Could be higher if not for the stupid and very unnecessary extended ending. Seriously, if you stand up and exit the room at the time “truck” — the finish you will have multiple of the best. Well, time will save a lot.

6 out of 10

New review: the mountain Between us 05.10.2017

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