New review: the mountain Between us 08.10.2017

This picture with the lovely Kate Winslet in the title role (who doesn’t make mistakes?) unique in its kind. There was a feeling that the filmmakers decided to collect all possible clichés of the genre of melodrama and of films about survival in a single tape.

Every plot twist is so fabulous and predictable that nothing but irony, not causes. The same can be said about the characters that remain one-on-one with each other and with wildlife.

Miraculous rescue of the entire crew, including funny Labrador, which further few weeks happily jumped through the snow, almost EV (if the pilot did not die a natural death, then he probably would have survived), and then the inevitable love heroes (blatant flirtations from Alex in the conditions when each new day could be the last, caused fits of laughter) and finally, the epic and incredibly moving (in this case, this does not apply to pros) finals — that’s impossible, “far-fetched”, and sometimes even absurd.

Actors — neuro-surgeon, with his own hands to save his wife from cancer, and successful journalist, traveled to “hot spots” — so positive, and the script is in part their interactions are so limited that special sympathy the viewer does not.

All of the above together leads to the fact that the film is, at best, passable. While the positive sides include acting (Kate can play just about anything, my assessment of her work will always be high) and is beautifully captured landscapes.


Just another movie for particularly sensitive nature, and to take a girl out on a date. If originality and new solutions do you prefer the good old classics of the genre, albeit filmed hundreds of times, the picture you probably like.

5 out of 10

New review: the mountain Between us 08.10.2017

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