New review: the mountain Between us 08.10.2017

People tend to make mistakes. Making the wrong choice. Moreover, to make the easiest choice, which will allow to solve the challenges. “Passing problems”, advanced you might say. Which do not solve the problem entirely and not affect and depth. Nevertheless, many will choose the easy way of solving, knowing that the choice is incorrect. And that it dramatically may affect the second person. These thoughts were when watching the movie. And stayed with me until the beginning of the credits.

Now closer to the film. In some ways, the film is naive, because there are certain moments of luck. The possibility of their occurrence in reality is unlikely. But, nevertheless, the heroes are lucky. Therefore, the film from which part can be called a fairy tale. A good tale. This is neither a minus not a plus of the film. Because these moments help move the story.

Also, the film is about survival, and it has scenes experiences for the characters, tense moments. Bored just browsing was not. And the film does not seem slow. Some movement in the film is constantly there.

Such films are usually desired mood, it is always easier to sit behind the viewing comedies. But when I heard about this film, namely that it has already begun to show in cinemas, a special attitude is not needed, there was a desire to see. And the view I have no regrets.

And this is the one movie that I would like to advise to view. I wouldn’t say he was something great, but it is possible to find something for yourself. Something to think about.

As I said in early reviews, it is easier to solve the problem myself and the easiest way possible. Everyone makes choices in their own way, not noticing the irregularity. Before the heroes stood a choice.

I think it is worth a look.

The film also has a romantic line, maybe she’s not really seamlessly tied, not fully disclosed, as well as gradually ends. But more is not necessary. Just for a bit: survival. romance., even adventures. Now in the movies is worse. Here are shown quite adequately.

New review: the mountain Between us 08.10.2017

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