New review: the mountain Between us 09.10.2017

A long time ago seeing the trailer for this movie, I got inspired by them and to be honest, waited for the premiere. In General, the adaptation of the novels always attract my attention. Here filmed book “the mountain Between us” by Charles Martin. As soon as I saw that the main female role will be performed by Kate Winslet, immediately knew this movie may not like it, it is only one game this actress is.

Before us the history of men and women who met at the airport and flying together on the plane. After surviving a plane crash, the heroes in the snowy mountains, had to fight for life. They went on the road, and the road was difficult. In extreme conditions, in the struggle for life between yesterday strangers struck up a very strong affinity…

This new movie has caused a range of different experiences. Something like that, then no. Let’s start with the fact that the scenario in the picture is very simple and not how it is remarkable. It saves all this game is great, strong actors and a stunning, snowy view of the film. The camera work was great and the snowy appearance did the trick. It was fun.

As for directing, it was weak. Previously unknown to me directed by Hany Abu-Assad filmed the controversial film. First, like everything, but everything goes very quickly, that was unexpected even, then the viewer is in fury: seems interesting, but then boring, then suddenly, then bored again. The movie starts to drag on slowly and puts pressure on the viewer. Lacks dynamics. The ending, incidentally, also crumpled, was much deeper.

It seems the filmmakers take realism stories, but if you think about it all, all too easily happened, and the characters got off easy. Again, the actors took this film on a high level, if not, love and the Elbe, the movie would be quite questionable.

Please note, as plays Kate as fills the frame as she revived the character and was the heart and soul of this film. British plays rose always exclusively. Very high level of play, so the movie looks willing, in spite of the disadvantages and weakness of the directing and script. Idris Elba, Winslet made an interesting Duo. I want to say that feelings, emotions of the characters, the attraction between them was played great. It was felt, and it was great.

If you love adventure romance or appreciate, love, then this movie is for you. This story is about the power of the spirit to survive no matter what, how we are helpless in the wild, about the power of nature and fragility of man, about love and about how everything in life can easily and suddenly change.

Mountains between us“is an American action-adventure Thriller in the genre of disaster movie in 2017. It was interesting to evaluate this new film, but only because of Kate. Somehow expected more. Refer to this picture of neutral. Thank you for your attention!

– Look at me. We will not die. We get out of here.

6.5 out of 10

New review: the mountain Between us 09.10.2017

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