New review: the mountain Between us 09.10.2017

First you need to say I love movies about survival in difficult conditions, be it desert island, the wildlife, etc. it is Interesting to observe how the hero (heroes) will come (will come) from certain difficult situations. Yes, in movies of this type often feature scenes that will tickle the audience nerves. And, by the way, I like movies about mountain tops. Their views are fascinating. And if there’s a movie about survival on the mountain tops, it will definitely be a holiday on my street. And actually, when I learned about the movie “the mountain Between us” with similar themes, I immediately became interested in it. When he was released, I naturally went to look. And now I will Express my opinion.

The plot, the script. The film tells the story of neurosurgeon Ben and journalist Alex. They had to get on a plane, but he didn’t — it was cancelled. To get to the destination, Alex hires a pilot of a small plane and along the way he meets Ben, who has the same problem. Taking off from the airport, after some time the plane crashed. Now the characters are forced to survive in the wild snowy mountains. And who knows, maybe even yesterday, strangers will find their true destiny.

To give an analogy. For example the film “the mountain Between us” is the candy in the wrapper. Before watching it may seem that the candy bar itself (ie the main thing in the film) is a Thriller about survival and the wrapper — melodramatic component. But after watching it became clear to me — all the way around. The idea Goodies in the melodrama, not a Thriller.

Let’s stay a little tasters. First, removing the wrapper, you notice that he is very handsome. And it’s true. Component of this film is about survival was, in my opinion, made qualitatively. Quite often scenes are kept in constant tension (which is the crash). Also I will say that it was not clear (I exactly) what will move the plot. For example, it seemed that the heroes have to step away from salvation. But the moment, and everything is flipped upside the head. Remains intriguing. And for a Thriller about survival is important.

Unfolding the wrapper, we got to the candy. Are you enjoying it? It’s everyone decides for himself, because everyone has different tastes. A certain person may not like a certain candy, but other will love it. Replace in this sentence the word “candy” to “romance” and all will become clear. Someone hates them, the other Vice versa. To say anything on this part of the film, it would seem spoiler. But for me, still, this candy was delicious. Maybe I just rarely watch melodramas, so I do not see any cliche and not original points. But as it is.

Acting. “Mountains between us” is a film, basically, two actors — Idris Elba and Kate Winslet. It seems to me that they adequately coped with its task — to show the actions and emotions of people in the wild away from civilization. They kind of nailed it.

Music. Music composition I liked. At the right moments they raised the intensity, creating the right atmosphere.

The film “the mountain Between us” came out in the end, a melodrama about survival. Not all this compound may like, but it is depends on the person. If you almost do not watch romance and love movies about survival, watch this movie. Maybe he will have a good impression on You. For me, as you can see, has had.

In the end, you know, I want to say about love, about this beautiful human feeling. She warms people from the inside, binds to certain people, protects from harm and evil. And love, it just saves people. Film proof.

8 out of 10

P. S. 1: And yet the heart is not just muscle.

P. S. 2: And I wonder what happened to the poor boy patient? This seems to be said or I heard?

New review: the mountain Between us 09.10.2017

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