New review: the Mummy 03.10.2017

Looking at the overdressed blockbusters of recent years, you can definitely notice how much degraded since the beginning of the two thousandth Hollywood. At the beginning of the two thousandth, by the way, removed still a lot of good popcorn (and not only), but since then, something clearly went wrong. The dream factory is shameful and blatantly umpteenth time trying to sell us the same story, with its even greater number of mediocre graphics, lost the taste of the chewing gum in the form of a shoddy script (even a script, no; sketch in haste) and hoping to raise cash. And by some miracle it’s almost possible to do (see total fees).

It’s completely secondary, bland, boring, and terribly primitive stuff, filmed on three locations, any comparison does not go with the charming and fascinating “the Mummy” Sommers for the whole family. What can I say. It can not be compared even with the recent “Dracula” are all from the same dark kynoselen of Universalove. This sorely reminds fake products for TV channel-3, with a budget increased 10 times. But the budget in our case does not help the situation. Exactly.

With the new “Mummy” to be honest, everything is bad. From cover to cover. Starting from the plot and actors, ending banal special effects. Tom cruise, who apparently was supposed to be the key to good cash (partly, it may have happened) is absolutely not drawn to the role of macho adventurer, a dashing soldier and obayashki. Fatigue and uncertainty in the eyes, swollen face, swollen torso and elementary age give him head. Let’s face it, That gets old, such as he should leave behind. In particular, the eye catches the fact that Wallis — partner Cruz, dvadtsatnik his age. And worst of all, actors have absolutely no chemistry. Wonderful chemistry was with Fraser and Weisz, who looked excellent in the duet and in harmony with each other. In fact, Brendan Fraser in his best years, the “Mummy” looked like a glove. Tall, broad-shouldered and handsome young man with mischievous eyes and a sweet smile, which was equally revolvers and trouble — a kind of Indiana Jones, only more comical and, perhaps, colorful. All of the above, alas, is not and never was the cruise. In “the Mummy”, the actor once again plays Ethan hunt in the retirement age, which runs a lot, waves his hands in the episodes where you have to defuse the situation with a joke, it looks pathetic. Out of action, Cruz is weak and inappropriate. At least this time.

Looks strange choice for the role of Director Alex Kurtzman that to “the Mummy” took just one full movies — mediocre scall melodrama about family issues and values. It is obvious that such a trust Director the idea, the actors and the budget — a very stupid decision. Maybe that’s why (and not only), “the Mummy” Kurtzman noticeably lacks the entertainment scale, the sensation of watching a high budget Hollywood blockbuster. All any chamber, ticky-tacky, is not credible. Nearly two hours of on-screen action takes place at three locations, and half shot in pitch darkness.

I have the feeling that Kurtzman, writers and producers are not fully decided which direction is best to move your project. The pattern is reminiscent of, or sluggish and unconvincing horror — Thriller, whether cheap not a funny Comedy, in places of despair rushes into the pattern attraction without the slightest semblance of originality and the author’s ingenuity. There are no interesting charismatic characters with whom the viewer would like itself to compare, and for which I would like to relive, nor the fascinating story of intrigue, nor a confident atmosphere, or, at least, a good solid action to justify expended resources. Of good, perhaps the only young actress Sofia Boutella, which looks attractive even in the “terrible” makeup. But the problem is that her character is spelled out somehow. In the end, the film lacks even a memorable soundtrack, though, and wrote music to it Brian Tyler.

The verdict. On all counts, this is a total failure. Ridiculous, dull and poorly set stamping. This cranberry and almost thrash. Even as a member of the entertainment attraction, this attempt was unsuccessful. In General, it’s a shame that the picture was not taken with due seriousness. Was a good budget, not new but still interesting idea, but it all flushed down the toilet, thinking that and so sold in the market. In fact, the Studio had to find a suitable Director of the artisan versed in the blockbuster, the charismatic actor 40 years before, to monitor the quality of the script and a little more difficult to write characters, motivations, characters. “The mummy” gives some good emotion while watching, and then altogether fades from memory, leaving the feeling that this whole enterprise is a waste of time, effort and money. The only thing I want to do after watching is to take this movie, put it in the sarcophagus and hide deep in the tomb for thousands of years, to about her never remembered.

3 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 03.10.2017

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