New review: the Mummy 09.06.2017

The film “the Mummy” 1999 childhood was one of my favorite paintings and of course, to miss the premiere it restarts I just couldn’t. At some century, the trailers turned out very fascinating, and without spoilers, that could not but rejoice. So what did you find? In short, it is a pretty slightly above average, but all in good time.

The film is very original, not surprising that in principle it is quite normal for paintings of this kind, but in such situations, the plot driven by the characters themselves pictures that, unfortunately, the movie is a big problem.

The main character, Nick (Tom cruise) is a fairly typical protagonist of this genre without any of the peculiarities, compare with the same cruise’s character from the movie “edge of tomorrow”, special distinctions did not find. Again, in comparison with Rick O’connell (Brendan Fraser) Cruz is clearly losing, although because its disclosure is not so much that was required, only to show the motives and history.

The mummy (Sofia Boutella) has a pretty specific antagonist. On the one hand its design can not but rejoice, looks really impressive, and coupled with the great acting, the character could even surpass all expectations, but for me personally the story of Princess Amunet generally not caught. After all, it is in fact a typical villain, dreaming to conquer the world just because he wants to take over the world and in General, that’s all. But remember the same of Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo), who became a mummy because of a forbidden love to a concubine of the Pharaoh. If you Amanat gave at least a small proportion of humanity, showing her not only as a ruthless monster, then it would look significantly better.

But the main problem of the film is purely the desire of the Studio to build a movie universe. That is, due to the fact that the film must receive the characters and storyline, bringing us to the subsequent a single universe, suffers the film, but the franchise of the mummy clearly didn’t deserve it.

Of course, the film’s virtues are many, such as visual component, action, references a lot of cool scenes and good ideas. But unfortunately, more than just another summer blockbuster, the restart of the mummy did not, although the potential was great.

New review: the Mummy 09.06.2017

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