New review: the Mummy 09.06.2017

Before going to the new Mummy it is important to understand that this is not a remake, not a sequel, and indeed a film with Tom cruise has little in common with the warm memories of childhood. New story, new characters, new universe, a new uncompromising and brutal spectacle, designed to prepare the ground for the next (what?) kynoselen. Got it?

The main problem of all interested studios eager to organize their own “Avengers”. From this and problem. Heroes in folders on your computer, the common mom, a huge number of flat characters and red Metacritic. But if Marvel started in 2003, creating for his team on a Foundation of 5 films, that other studios are trying to repeat the formula in one sitting. It turns out so-so.

Mummy looked promising, but it turned out just ordinary. Heroes do not reveal in any way, the action is almost there (in the trailer of Transformers it was more), jokes that have become the hallmark of all blockbusters, clumsy as your ex beauty contest among the logs.

There are only a couple things that don’t allow right now to take a bucket of popcorn at the thud of the idiots on the left and fill it to the throat of the founders: the gorgeous Tom cruise, intriguing plot and the world itself in General, Yes, an interesting idea that is not in our lives absolute good and evil.

The last point is particularly important. At least we have a movie about heroes, they do not Cap. Is that a standard of correctness and chastity, remember? The characters here can violate the law, to sacrifice people to achieve their selfish goals, to commit atrocities just because, and generally behave like notorious thugs. From this and the title is dark universe.

Responding to a question from the first paragraph, it should be noted that, as a support to the future movies, the Mummy works more or less. Puts gun [Bondarchuk], introduces the characters, mythology, setting the tone and mood. But as a full-fledged, self-sufficient movie, a reimagining of the old story looks unbearably boring.

The film is only an hour and a half, but tired after it such, if in the course of the year each month left on the potatoes from Russia to a suburb of China. And if after slave labour at least you can flaunt newly acquired pressure after Mummy with hard manages to keep hope for a decent development of kynoselen. But I want to believe hell.

New review: the Mummy 09.06.2017

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