New review: the Mummy 09.06.2017

Hollywood ruining one big problem: the constant desire to “borrow” from each other any ideas that can bring at least some penny. Simply put, plagiarism is a mass phenomenon. Envying the success of the comic book universes of Marvel (Disney) and DC (Warner Bros), management of universal studios took the most difficult and the most urgent decision to do something like that. But since the main publishers of the comic book is over, someone’s bright head was visited by no less a genius idea: to take those characters, which the studios own the copyright, put them in the center of the new Saga, which of course should be called something more original and cooler than the competition. “The title “Dark universe” is bad? Dark and realistic! What You say it already? Who remembers this Nolan with its darkness and realism. The viewer only knows how to chew popcorn and carry money, a ride, you know!” — perhaps, as events unfolded during a corporate brainstorming different Studio lights.

The main problem is the links to different sources. If DC and marvel are comics, the characters improvised “Dark universe” universal — it’s mostly literary characters. And of course these luminaries of the film industry you should remember that the last attempt to unite in one team book characters called “the League of extraordinary gentlemen” was a failure, that he is Sean Connery (who refused the role of Gandalf for this dubious project) decided to movie, and the final result is not cursed just lazy. Yes and restart the project, the first couple of parts which was extremely successful and is still in the memory of the audience is also very doubtful. And here, the choice fell on “the Mummy”. And to finally hit (or trolling) the viewer was selected for the Director’s post of the man whose creative efforts are rather questionable in nature.

The General plot is not very original: as before, there’s the adventurer who is at the center of the events after waking up mummified ancient evil, who dreams of revenge and take over the world. Of course he has a girlfriend, which does not remember, except the hair color. In the fight against evil, embodied this time in a woman, the main character finds an unexpected ally, which, however, time to time he is prone to chaos and evil, and to call him Dr. Jekyll (R. L. Stevenson would have been shocked to learn how to use his literary legacy).

The first thing that immediately hurts your eyes is disgusting and a tight script that is more suitable for the production of straight-to-video 20 years ago. If we ignore Tom cruise and a modern graphics, the film just looks great on this level. “The mummy” Sommers, too, was no masterpiece, but its nostalgic script, full of action and humor with a clear eye to the classic trilogy, “Indiana Jones”, creating a light and relaxed atmosphere, plunging into which, the audience really enjoyed it. Kurtzman same scenario repeated all the flaws that were inherent in the projects with his participation, like “Cowboys vs aliens” or “transformers: revenge of the fallen”. Absolutely boring and unexamined characters, and very few actions, slowness, jumping on temporal layers (which is only the beginning, when the viewer is in a movie about Egypt sees… medieval England). The writers tried to pull the “Indiana Jones” as the example to follow, but they had the maximum of the first 15 minutes, when this film looks decent. Then it starts more like “Cowboys vs aliens”, with elements of “Faces of the future” (the main character) and scenes from “war of the worlds Z” (all who were victims amanet will suddenly rise from the dead, turning the movie into trite zombie horror).

Speaking of the characters, surprised to catch yourself thinking that Sofia Boutella “stole” the movie. Her “mummy” is a fortune. Sex appeal and plastic actress playing plus for this image, although the genius here is not in sight. Tom cruise walks around with a confused face of a man whose passport was taken and forced to perform dirty work. His character is almost heroic, something Recalling the hero “Faces of the future” with rare Ethan hunt. In fact, Cruz to play here there was nothing. About Annabelle Wallis has nothing to say, her character is so abstract that the meaning of this character is almost lost, except perhaps that the ending of the film. Russell Crowe here is trying to give Jack Nicholson, multiplied by Eric Bana (“Hulk” ang Lee), but in the end it looks like a completely foreign character in this universe, all the charisma which destroyed the absolute futility of his actions).

In the end, “the universal” from the very first draft of his “Dark universe” has given a false start, not even bothering to make a quality product. “The mummy” is a failed remake, done in the style of the cable consumer goods 20-year-old, who does not even save the existence of stars like Tom cruise and Russell Crowe. About the last I want to say that sometimes reputation is more important than money, and that their reputation will be tarnished after this “masterpiece”, no doubt. And to select Directors for these projects should be carefully, not thinking that the presence of big names will save the project. The film, which continues the failed line blockbusters of poor quality. This, I think he will be remembered. And there’s nothing more to say.

New review: the Mummy 09.06.2017

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