New review: the Mummy 09.06.2017

So we waited for a new entertaining movie with not a new name and openly. Nevertheless, a hint on the success of the project very eloquently gave a stellar cast (Tom cruise, Russell Crowe), a big budget picture and the actual Universal studios, which had planned to make this film the first part of the new franchise.

The story unfolds around the military nick Morton (Tom cruise), who along with his partner Chris Vayle (Jake Johnson) is the intelligence on Northern Iraq. In addition to its core activities of the aforementioned Duo trades in search of ancient artifacts, then sell them on the black market. After a series of random events, the characters of Cruz and Johnson find an ancient Egyptian tomb.

And that’s just at this point the film is almost completely ceases to be interesting. The first 15-20 minutes the viewer is experiencing a very dramatic gunfight between the heroes and fighters, a couple of good jokes performed by nick Morton, nick’s meeting with the archaeologist Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis). Further, the plot develops very slowly and predictably, virtually every subsequent major event, the viewer can easily predict. The picture is grim, a substantial part of the events takes place almost in the dark. I don’t want to say that is very bad, but the slow development of the plot of the film the dark colors affects the viewer the effect of sleeping pills. After a series of most interesting and logical events in the concluding part of the film ends, not ends, and it ends. Thus, the writers let us know about the continuation of the story in the next film. But what kind of continuation can be discussed, if the original picture is not capable of interest? The script is very mediocre, uninteresting. I’m not familiar with egiptologia, but the plot as if has no relation to the real legends of Ancient Egypt, the events on the screen do not want to believe. The ambiance and flavour of Egypt is missing, the viewer is given only a couple of flashbacks, and they are not surprised by brightness.

The main antagonist of the film in the face of the mummy of Princess Ahmane (Sofia Boutella) does not inspire fear, not attractive, not surprised… not at all sentimental. Overall, the mummy is similar to the Enchantress from “suicide Squad” — the same empty and characterless. But at least the rest of the main roles was played at a decent level. Certainly pleased with Tom cruise, even despite the questionable role of the military-the grave robber who is constantly joking to the place and out of place.

The result was a weak sci-Fi movie with a bad plot, crumpled ending, no colorful pictures, action and a cool antagonist. Sometimes slips of the smoothing atmosphere of good humor, but in this film the jokes are not able to fundamentally rectify the situation.

Let’s see what happens in the sequel, if it ever will be.

3 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 09.06.2017

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