New review: the Mummy 11.06.2017

The mummy Stephen Sommers is one of the most beloved films of my childhood. We are talking of course about the first two parts. The third one came out good, it’s hard to criticize a movie where jet Li plays, albeit negative character. But to compare it with the first two films and put it into a trilogy I just can’t. For me there is a duologue and a separate film where Rachel Weisz was replaced and the picture is severely affected. A film series I watched countless times and always with pleasure. And still he is for me one of the best in the genre of fantastic adventure.

As you know the universal Studio decided to reboot the films with all the monsters and horrors that they had accumulated over the story. A couple of years ago he published “Dracula” with a new vision on the history of the formation of the most famous vampire. That’s about the Mummy made a film with a splash of Dark universal, emphasizing that this is a series of dark films. And of course, no comparisons to do failed. If you go to this movie being good friends in the aforementioned film series, this film will lose absolutely everything. To be honest I knew it would be, therefore, initially decided not to fault this. But still it was one of those movies which before going to the cinema not expecting anything good. Maybe that’s what played into the hands of the fact that this write-up will definitely not painted red.

The beginning of the movie was very intrigued and handcuffed to the chair, it was all beautifully supplied to the revival of the Mummy. In one word, the plot solid and looked on one breath. There were of course small defects, which wanted to close my eyes. For example, here are three of them down into the cave with the bags PA shoulders and finally she says: “Turn your lights on” and she cut in the spotlight!!!. Where they got them? And were still moments, but again I’m not picky about such things. But all sorts of 3D effektiki love and the most memorable, but rather and only had a moment with the cutting of the crows in the plane. In the rest of the 3D was not needed.

If we talk about music, and here the film loses much in comparison. There were these tunes and soundtracks are Oriental motifs, which was immersed in the atmosphere of Ancient Egypt. And there is almost nothing memorable. But thanks though for coming back to the theme of Ancient Egypt. Because it is a very interesting, mysterious with all the gods and myths. I fell in love with her thanks to “the Mummy” Sommers and my favorite computer game “tomb raider”, where Lara Croft is plenty of poputeshestvovat in Egypt and found namalu tombs and different secrets. Including introducing me to the mythical Seth, who is the God of war, chaos, death, etc. it is about him and talking in this film. The main antagonists is the Princess Amanet, which will make a deal with Seth to stand up in power, and Seth, in turn, will be reborn in human form and able to become the ruler of the world. But their plans were not destined to come to pass, Amanet caught and luminiferous alive. How to make a mummy from a living person, it’s just nonsense. The essence of the mummy that the dead body is embalmed, removed from it the bodies stored in the vessels, and generally do many different procedures that last about 70 days, the body as long as possible kept fresh. In another case, eelo just rots after 5000 years it is unlikely to remain something. But here we close our eyes. And so through the ages the mummy awake and she’s trying to complete his plan. Then again go to the comparison with the second part where Imhotep was about to kill the heroine Rachel Weisz to revive his beloved Anksunamun. By the way Amanat and Anksunamun very similar, or rather the Actresses who played them.

And here a little about the actors. The role will Amanet acts Sofia Boutella and vpolne cope with their role, although nothing noteworthy marks. Tom cruise embodies the main character and the main goal of the Mummy, which throughout the film is trying to make him the God Seth. It’s certainly not his best role, and especially with Brendan Fraser it can not be compared. Just in that genre Frasier looked very organically, his character was funny, as brave and charismatic. It is no secret that the creators wanted Tom cruise for this role, but it’s good that it turned out how it happened. It is difficult to imagine someone else in place of Fraser. But the creators decided to return dolyak Cruz and 18 years later and still picked him for this role and here I seem to be on the site of cruise’s star any other actor would not have changed at all. Annabelle Wallis certainly is not so handsome as Rachel Weisz, but she played her role well, nothing more to say about it. Russell Crowe, in turn, has played at his level, but his character was revealed in a very bad and left a lot of questions, probably in the sequel it will be revealed better, and the fact that to be continued ending she says. And here is my biggest complaint about the film.

New review: the Mummy 11.06.2017

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