New review: the Mummy 11.06.2017

When only rumors about what allegedly planned restart your favorite many of the trilogy “the Mummy” by Stephen Sommers, so to speak, the classics of the adventure genre with comedic content, I was intrigued, because the original movies I love. However, unfortunately(or fortunately), the news of the restart turned out to be false, because we are totally independent band that has no relationship to the original movies with Brendan Fraser. “The mummy” producer Alex Kurtzman is like trying to start a new “dark” Universe from Universal studios, trying to play on the popularity of the iconic classic monsters. Seem previously made a similar attempt, which in 2014 released film “Dracula” with Luke Evans in the title role. But that movie came out no, and accordingly, continue this tape is not received. So this time I decided to try again. However, if you look at the critics reviews and box office, this attempt will also be without promising continue. So, analyze everything on the shelves.

Plot. The story in the presence of a sufficiently clichéd, nothing new. Single thief Nick (Tom cruise) accidentally stumbles upon an ancient tomb alive mummified Egyptian Princess Amonet (Sofia Boutella). Well and further went-went: the Princess is released to the outside, releasing an ancient evil in order to destroy everything and become a lady all over the world and blah-blah-blah. Seemingly much much simpler? However, despite its banality, the story does not cause irritation and attempts at humor come out very good. That is, the plot is not so bad, but due to its banality and predictability may be picky and hungry audience to alienate.

Actors. Frankly, lately loved and admired Tom cruise — starring in the film. At 54, he looks amazing, still can give odds to any young sex symbol of Hollywood. Moreover, mostly all the stunts he performs alone, which can not but arouse admiration. And of course as an actor I also like, although in recent years the role of it became the same. Nevertheless, Cruz is good, and the role it this is the way out. Can’t not mention the incredible Sofia Boutella, which is directly depicted on the screen this very mummy — Princess Amonet. Honestly speaking, she is the main reason to watch this picture. Boutella is so amazingly charismatic, attractive, mysterious. I couldn’t tear my eyes off her. Aside from anything else, she did a fine job with his role. In the end, the truth is, even felt a little offended that the law of the genre, the villain must be defeated… special mention should me deeply dear Russell Crowe, who here appeared as a very interesting character. Here it was also entertaining to watch. As for Annabelle Wallis… she is cute, but nothing more.

I would like to note a fairly good camera work. Many of the scenes were filmed very effectively, such as the scene with the helicopter crash, which really was breathtaking. I also liked the scenes of the flashbacks in Egypt.

If to speak about the immediate disadvantages , it is possible to allocate the gloominess ribbon, some ridiculous story inserts and moments(what a strange mummy-zombies?), stupid and irrational behavior of the main characters, lack of humor, and also some plot holes.

Summing up the conclusion of my review, I want to note that all of these shortcomings, this tape does not prevent me to enjoy it, because, again, I like these films, even despite their banality and sometimes stupidity. I enjoyed a very normal story, beautiful charismatic actors, good action scenes and overall ambiance of the film.

Put very weak 8. But then again, just because I like and well go in such films. It’s such a strong mediocre summer blockbuster. Advise those who, like me, loves like fantasy adventure films, and Tom cruise. And of course be sure to look at unique Sofia Boutella, she’s worth it, honestly!!

8 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 11.06.2017

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