New review: the Mummy 11.06.2017

The film was with a heavy heart — this took some time and read the first reviews. It turned out, all who wear the badge proud on your “critic” felt honored to put the remake of the movie “the Mummy” minus the fat. Like, he’s not bad he’s a horrible filmmaker in this genre is mediocre, and the actors here just for box office receipts. The plot is… Bad, all very Pesquero! And I believe them. Imbued with emotions and hysteria, which literally flowed with white (or what there still) pages.

And here I am in the hall. Next, the wife. She did not read, and because I saw waiting for a good spectacle in her eyes on the darkening screen.

The first minutes of the movie.. the Studio Logo.. Logo new universe… the action started. Historical insert… the main character.. a couple of jokes… action again.. history.. and it’s pretty scary moment! Feel how the hand of my wife squeezing my hand — its scary! Universal, thank You for this!

When again light a light in the hall, I’m willing to send a new universe — Yes!

Sofia Boutella — the perfect will Amanet. This is as accurate a hit in the role, and Gal gadot in “Wonder woman”. Grace, speech, opinion — all the evidence suggests that this is a way, accustomed to command and to conquer.

Russell Crowe in the role of Henry Jekyll a solid mystery. At the beginning of the film, he is someone with power, then he is someone with the capabilities, and after — he’s the one with the power! Let the names, but this man is full of secrets, terrible secrets!

Unlike most actors, Tom cruise has a unique ability to not only try on the mask of his hero, but it completely transformed him. The role of nick Morton once again proves this fact. Great! My avatsii!

The picture perfectly stylized, special effects — on a solid “4”. Pleasantly surprised poskolky on “the Mummy” Sommers. And references to other movies the universe.

If I wait for the next picture — no doubt — Yes!

P. S. the Final was rather crumpled, a couple of phrases at random and no video after the credits (Oh, the influence of marvel! Set the tone!), but in General, the first film in the series, Dark universe completed if not respect, then at least viewing with a pleasant feeling is not in vain spent time!

P. S. S. “the Mummy” Alex Kurtzman in any case not “the Mummy” by Stephen Sommers, and don’t have to be. It’s not a sequel, not a “daughter of the great mother.” Different movies, different genres. Different age limits. Even in the first there are references to the previous one, but to measure both movie in one mold, in my opinion, is not true. More is wrong.

9 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 11.06.2017

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