New review: the Mummy 12.06.2017

I have to say-the film I decided to watch about Sophia Butella that really stood out to me in “Kingsmen”. This girl is incredibly sexy. At first, I reacted positively to the transfer of the action to the present and to the possibility of romance between the main character and the mummy. The story of the Princess will Amonet is a hybrid of the history of Imhotep and the Scorpion King. You know, it is not clear why she needed superpowers. Princess have coped without them.

Because it’s still a remake, I thought that Vale is local benny, but no. By the way, the scene with the Ghost-adviser is a reference to the film series “American werewolf”. The organization, headed by Jekyll, very similar to the SCP Foundation. By the way, Jekyll is no light and dark side. There are bad and very bad. Here Henry Jekyll is not Nick fury, and not even the Hulk. This Is The Alto Clef.

Scene of escape Amanet “little” similar to escape Loki in “the Avengers”.

A few words about the pros. The plane crash and the sandy storm in London was very impressive. Tom cruise is still a great actor. Sofia Boutella is fascinating.

The filmmakers couldn’t decide-cruise’s character a hero or a villain? He advises to reward his friend, he starts to smugly brag on bed feats, saves Jenny from a falling plane, then tries to leave, leaving the girl in zombie-infested woods. That’s what happens when you write the script, six people. These Kukryniksy could not even create a solid main character, consistent in actions. Also, a huge drawback is the lack of analogues of Jonathan and Ardeth Bay.

As for the final. At the end of the film flashed a reference to “the Mummy” in 1999, there was a good joke performed by Cruz. Interchange recalled the series of “Supernatural” about Samhain and the end of “30 days of night”.

In General, impressions from the film are mixed.

5 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 12.06.2017

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