New review: the Mummy 12.06.2017

“The mummy” — quite a good summer blockbuster, which is too strongly quarreled criticism. And it’s certainly not the worst job Tom cruise, as some of them. But the cons of this film are available and significant. For example, I was very irritated by the character of Jake Johnson by his constant yelling and inappropriate jokes, even in his posthumous image. Personally I thought the film tightened somewhat — I easily counted a couple of scenes, which can be easily shortened, and the final result will only be won. I also didn’t like that almost all the action, except in darkness, and sometimes it was difficult to make out what is happening there and who are the fighters. And this despite the fact that I watched in 2D and in 3D, I suspect the whole thing would have faded and would be fully visible. Also in the negative to highlight the fact that the character of Russell Crowe — Dr. Jeckyl and his alter-ego were hardly opened. I admit, I haven’t watched classic films from the series “universal Monsters”, and was only aware of “the Mummy” in 1999 and 2001, so very little realized what that character is, and what his purpose is. Will have to read to understand.

In the pros, I can distinguish in General, a good intriguing plot — I personally was wondering what the outcome of the whole story nick. And the ending was, frankly, unexpected — at least for me. Not the usual happy-end. I would like to see the continuation of this storyline, nick has a new look, but I think this is unlikely to happen, as “the Mummy” is very negatively received by critics and not very warm audience, which greatly affect box office, and the ball is to launch the sequel right, unfortunately they. I was also pleased with good special effects, camera work and skillfully inserted references to other monsters of this universe — and in particular the reference to “the Mummy” of 1999! Great shot was the scene with the plane crash, and a dynamic chase from zombies and final act in London with the face of Amined in a cloud of sand. I was smiling during the fight Jeckyl and nick — not from what she silly set, but from what I found it funny to see how two famous actors blizzards each other how much worth. And of course, I could not without a smile to look at my favorite Tom cruise — very much I like the actor.

Overall, from the “Mummies” turned out to be quite watchable summer action adventure with elements of horror with good acting, including Sofia Boutella and Annabelle Wallis. A strong middle class for a couple of times going through a hell of a charismatic Tom cruise and overall an intriguing story. His big problem is that it is like a first pilot series and large series, the constantly referring to subsequent projects and not trying to be an independent work. But this does not prevent two hours to enjoy the adventures and fight against the ancient evil.

7 out of 10.

New review: the Mummy 12.06.2017

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