New review: the Mummy 12.06.2017

Globally, the film maintains a very worrying trend — more effects, less frills. Scenario first.

Unlike the old “Mummy” sample zero (Frazier that is) the story here is written on the principle of “crossing Europe”. The characters did not really revealed: well, make it clear that hero Cruz is a nice heel, but not more. In the original this issue came up in more detail. Running with Templar, I do not understand at all — why did they and why?

With regard to the overall simplicity and unpretentiousness of the narrative, that I no revelations and did not wait. For this passive I would have not entered.

Like echoes of the original, such Amunet-Imhotep. Sandy head, too, failed. I also mention a great dark atmosphere — it is compelling and in the best traditions of the genre. And references to the following parts — for example, a skull with large fangs. It’s quite cute.

As I said at the beginning of the visual component, no complaints! Beautiful, rich, level.

With actors in General, everything is fine! Corn of sand is not raining — and plays provocatively with the soul. In the spirit of her most of the sample Missions. That claim to all (somehow) adorable Butela. It’s not the fact that she is also similar to the Egyptian as James Franco at the stegosaurus! She really looks very old, even amid the cheerful cruise. And like many model-actress she’s totally flat and wooden.

Thus, we got the classic “blockbuster on time.”

See Yes forget.

I hope that if universal and will continue this line, as anything more serious to it.

New review: the Mummy 12.06.2017

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