New review: the Mummy 13.06.2017

One military con worn AWOL on Iraqi villages in search of all sorts of antiquities. Well is on his head.

On the background of the dominance of franchises Marvelon and DS even wanted Dark Universe is also turned — mystical superheroes pretty good idea. But first questionable “Dracula” badly undermined the confidence (yeah, I know, the Studio officially disown him. But if the film was a success, certainly sang would be different) now this, so from my side of the faith the franchise no.

No, the Mummy in its quite a decent summer popcorn movie, especially on the background of the latter. There is a chuckle, or even jump — BU-moments poured even more abundantly. Tom cruise as a living mummy again gives a dashing Ethan hunt and quickly runs grey London and its suburbs from the well tatuirovannykh Sophie Bucelli with its zombies-the crusaders. Ironic Crowe plays the imposing head of the Department for the fight against evil, and with such heartfelt pleasure Lupita Cruz, even so it should be. There is one memorable and very cool action scene in the incident plane. Again, the film is mounted from the point of view of dynamics/pause/maintain interest. Despite all the murk, things happening on the screen, a yawn is not wanted and sometimes even very experienced. But given that this should be the beginning of a long journey, I wanted something much, much better. More original, and all visual findings were taken from “the Mummy” Sommers and pretend that it should be. A gender shifter with the villain and the “damsel in distress” definitively deprived the film any depth. Although, if you think about antifeminists the idea of a girl who wanted to become the main and the calling of the devil, there’s obviously something.

And sidekick unsuccessful. Somber anything, and in a live incarnation too hysterical

6 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 13.06.2017

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