New review: the Mummy 13.06.2017

A new version of the classic Hollywood story about a walking dead man shakes his boring schematic and a complete lack of a coherent script. Apparently, the creators of the picture was the goal to remove in a simple and straightforward history of a mixture of action, adventure, horror and mystery, the result is incoherent illogical boring 2-hour spectacle, when watching it I can say that the previous franchise “the mummy” with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz looks like a masterpiece on the background of this obscene disgrace.

Let’s start with the plot. His logic is hard to understand. The story about the Princess looks mildly far-fetched. Omitting the doubtful episodes with burial of mummies (turns out to be mummified alive, wow that’s news!), not thrown the mummified body of the high priest with a dagger (also of the priests were mummified and buried with honors), weaving in the story of the Templars with the stone from the dagger, as well as other “outstanding” narrative fiction writers make this movie a pile of utter nonsense. All that might be considered insignificant, if the movie had a good quality script, but not in principle.

Tom cruise plays a not too valiant soldier of the US army, a sort of adventurer along with removing from this study financial gain. The logic of the plot it remains beyond my comprehension, because no intelligible and clear explanations to further the narrative in principle is not observed. Vision of Nika, ancient curses, demonic hero Russell Crowe, attacks by rats, beetles, crows, walking zombie-mummy, the Templars, — all this whirlwind ruining the story and discourages heroes. Some of the storyline was as if plucked from the original “the Mummy” and in the course of the narrative squeezed into the framework of the new film. In the original film, no character, no fresh ideas, the whole plot is based on borrowing and clichés from movies of the horror and adventure of the original paintings (like “the Mummy”, “Indiana Jones”, etc.)

The lack of a coherent plot entails crumbling cast. In General, this film is an excellent example of poorly made movie. In principle it is possible to make a good film on the basis of standard clichés (example — the latest “pirates of the Caribbean”), but the creators of this “masterpiece” wasn’t able to do. Acting as a house of cards crumbling, getting worse and worse by the end of the film. The character of Tom cruise in the beginning of the movie looks like it just came out of the film “Mission impossible”, closer to the middle remembers that he needs to play the hero and save the world, and at the end of the film, Cruz is trying to sit on two chairs at once -simultaneously to portray an inordinate feat of rescue of mankind from the curse of the mummy and the further transformation. By the way, neither one of the objectives of the cruise have failed: love line cruise-Wallis unconvincing and not spelled out clearly enough for the selected ending of the film. The denouement of the picture — the weakest point of the picture. The main heroine of the picture — Princess-mummy personally, I have is rejection, the creators clearly overdone with special effects, she’s not bad, not good, causes neither sympathy nor fear, but just the whole movie chasing the Nickname to stab him with a dagger. But even more comical character — the heroine is Annabelle Wallis. She tries to pretend to be an archaeologist covered the crazy idea to find the damn Princess from the ancient legends, but it looks extremely ridiculous with my pale fish looks and does not seem like a scholarly lady. After constant exchanges of mutual love story between her and Nick looks obviously contrived. About the character of Russell Crowe and say nothing: he jumps like a rabbit from a hat somewhere in the middle of the movie and need this film around like a fish-an umbrella.

In General, the more film there is nothing much to boast of. Among other shortcomings of flat humor (in the scene of the showdown between Cruz and Wallis), the over-abundance of computer graphics in fantasy games and illogical ending.

It’s boring, poorly made, sometimes there are small 2 hours show. For me it is better to revise the original 2 parts the first of “the Mummy” or black-and-white classic movie than waste time watching this film.

Behind the scenes in the hot desert and Arabian horses —

3 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 13.06.2017

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