New review: the Mummy 14.06.2017

Initially, the idea to remake “the Mummy” looked doubtful. When the mass of the shortcomings of the original 1999 film was quite fun and cheerful adventure with the atmosphere of lost tombs and ancient curses. The sequel looked good, but it smacked of secondary. The third part completely shifted the focus of the story and was frankly a failure. The main role of restarting the franchise took Tom cruise, and the titular Mummy was a woman. The trailers promised a bleak movie with massive special effects. What happened actually?

The story starts in the vicinity of Iraq, formerly Mesopotamia. Two employees of the U.S. army — Nick Morton and Chris vail — ply looting and trying to detect in the ruins of some antiquity, then to sell it on the black market. Getting involved in a fierce firefight with local militants, the heroes manage to call an airstrike, which reveals the entrance to an ancient tomb of Egyptian origin. The company came to the rescue of the girl researcher Jenny Halsey, would-be adventurers down into the tomb and find there a mysterious sarcophagus. Fished discovery on the surface, the characters stuck in one problem worse, the other and the reason is buried in the sarcophagus of an Egyptian Princess will Amanet.

I would like to say about the film something good and you can only do about the first ten minutes of the film. The beginning of a very cheerful and even is of interest — the main character Shine with optimism and incites partner on a fun adventure. Demeanor, hairstyle and even clothes Nick Morton is a persistent Association with another adventurer Nathan Drake from the Uncharted video game series. Seriously — apparently Tom cruise has a resemblance to the plunderer of ancient treasures. The appearance in the shot of the girl researcher Jenny only reinforces the feeling of deja vu. But all that happens after is completely eroded any positive.

The script of “the Mummy” is a sequence of stupid decisions complete moron who can not even a few moments to think rationally. The writers of the film seem to have forgotten what logic and did not even try to somehow explain what is happening. The number of questions to the history accumulates exponentially, and the responses did not deliver the word at all.

Controversial ritual of materialization of the Egyptian God Seth, with the final float features additional goodwill. What is all this? Any prerequisites. The main character is tossing from side to side and not able to decide on a single course of conduct. He’s not trying to deal with what is happening, rather, he runs to say and stared rotates eyes. If they press on the hallucinations haunting the protagonist, it was worth doing more meaningful and complex — but no, fragmentary episodes of delirium without meaning. The love story ruined in the Bud — in the film there is no adequate displays of affection, which the authors suddenly start to push to the finish, where this attachment? It is not clear. But the strangest twist is an attempt to throw into one heap all the dark science fiction stories — zombies, vampires, Frankenstein’s monster, vampires, sorcerers, witches and other characters in Gothic literature, suddenly pop up in the narrative and frankly overshadow the whole Egyptian theme in the Chapter with the titular Mummy. Seriously — in the film “the Mummy” the mummy very little! Where is the tomb? Where is the curse? Where writing and solving a mystery? All this in the first 10 minutes of a movie. The rest is just rambling throwing heroes at the urban and rural areas, a vague fight in the underground laboratories and the catacombs, awful dialogue about nothing.

This is the third directorial project by Alex Kurtzman (“Spy”, “People like us”) and it does not add optimism. In setting the film looks incredibly jagged and illogical. There was a feeling that the Director has not decided what kind of film he wants to shoot. One minute the characters sluggish joking and fooling around, the other with a serious face trying to deal with the local similarity of the curse. In the rare moments the film tries to build itself from the horror and throws one screamer after another — but does so extremely clumsily. Before something terrible and horrible must appear, must be preceded by a significant pause with the climate here this is just no. Hodgepodge just does not work and causes rejection on all fronts. At some point, this whole farce ceases to cause at least some emotions, and you just start to laugh not able to stop the flow of idiocy.

Tom cruise (“the Last samurai”, “edge of tomorrow”) played the main character nick Morton and the only thing he good at is running. The rest is very bad. The hero just doesn’t feel like a character and a half lines from his track record does not build character, and Cruz didn’t have enough talent to make it at least a bit tangible.

Annabelle Wallis (“peaky blinders”, “the Curse of Annabelle”) in the role of Jenny Halsey perceived as no more than walking extras. Emotionless and mediocre game to the tune of writers who wrote meaningless conversations.

The Princess will Amanet played by Sofia Boutella (“Street dance 2”, “Kingsman: the Secret service”), although the word “played” too loud. With the same straight face the entire film, she goes and throws up his hands in an attempt to portray the universal evil. Failed.

The main question of the film — here forgot Russell Crowe (“Noah”, “Goodfellas”)? Not only that, his character Dr. Jekyll looks pretentious and ridiculous, and also out of place! And so many absurdities associated with his nature… a complete failure.

The creators have done a dismal movie — in the truest sense of the word. Most of the time the characters spend under cover of night and the lack of light. Every other frame is a hodgepodge of dark gray and joy it does not add. Sometimes, if you can see, you can see overall not a bad computer graphics, but for the most part, it pales in the dark paint is a hopeless despondency.

His film, the authors wanted to launch a “Dark universe Universal”, as they proclaim the praise in the beginning of the film. However, rather than concentrate on the history of the Mummy, they introduce extra characters and start a useless story arc. As a result, the universe is dark and not lit, and the Mummy had fallen into idiocy.

“The mummy” 2017 was frankly a bad movie. Stupid the plot is full of crazy throwing the main characters and simplistic dialogue about anything. The actors don’t even particularly trying to squeeze any drama, and with wooden faces play put stupid scenario mise-EN-scene, but Tom cruise is hard at running and in it you can see at least some entertainment. Only the first ten minutes of the film look really interesting, but since the descent into the tomb, everything goes awry. The painting came not to tell the story of the “Mummy”, or to run the so-called “Dark universe Universal”. The actors could not escape from this horror, but the audience still has a chance — avoid this film in all possible ways!

4 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 14.06.2017

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