New review: the Mummy 15.06.2017

Despite very low ratings from critics, particularly from rotten tomatoes, with only 18% positive reviews, decided to go for this film. In short, Yes, evaluation, unfortunately, is not too low. Maybe 18% is too categorical, but as a whole the film is weak, even for a summer blockbuster.

In fact, it is even hard to write a review. The trouble with the movie, it’s plot, namely, how it is worded. In my opinion, history shows us, decided to push too much. Here and the secret service, and conspiracies, and some sort of zombie Apocalypse, and archaeological excavations, and interpersonal relationships. In less than 2 hours. Due to the fact that mixed the whole mess, the film does not look like a single unit, looks like a live thread. Also, as a result, affected characters, they are very empty, the same with dialogues, it is sometimes thought that it would be better they did not exist. Plus a lot of innuendo and temporary holes. All this have completely killed the story. Do the Director and writer of the story is not so loaded, that could work, at least good summer movie.

Though the film is full of cons, was when watching the pros. I would highlight a few. First, it’s the visual part. The picture is very pleasing to the eye. Spec. effects on a very good level. The film is also very atmospheric and dynamic. Almost all the screen time given to the action, and coupled with good visuals, not getting boring, even though, on a very bad story.

From the cast I would single out only Tom cruise, he played well, this role is clearly his strong point. Also nice to see Sophia Botello, although she was, most of the time, disguised. But to see it on the screen was still nice. It was in the movie and the humor, though to me personally he’s not really gone, but overall not bad.

What to say to summarize? The film turned out frankly weak, and his main problem is that it’s completely empty story. Moreover, in principle the idea is quite interesting, though not new, and the possibility of making the plot not so loaded, and more consistent, it could turn out good, blockbuster. But alas, it turned out, what happened, and I hope to continue the Director will not do, because the ending is more than a sequel. Or, if you do the second part, to fix all the bugs first.

Or not to go to the movies? Don’t know if you just want to kill time, well, and see a beautiful picture, you can go, otherwise, with other expectations, you will have to wait a lot of disappointment.

5 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 15.06.2017

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