New review: the Mummy 16.06.2017

The main problem of the new “the Mummy”, in my opinion, is that she is trying to grasp the immensity: mythology, an ancient curse, the theory of the big conspiracy, love story, and even tries to scare and laugh at the same time, and all this for the measly two hours. In the end, all that the spectator has at the end of watching this pile of questions and confusion in the head, as the creators are unable to reveal the full not one of these lines. Apparently, the writers were counting on the franchise and preparing the soil for new parts… But will this franchise?!

The plot of the film is good in all senses. There’s history, intrigue, and mythology, on top of that beautifully rendered world of Ancient Egypt is fascinating from the first minute. The subsequent stage is transferred to our days, and everything looks quite appropriate to the time of the resurrection of nick (the main character of the film). Then the creators just toss from side to side.

-Let’s make a horror movie!

-No, let’s do Comedy!

-No, let’s make something like the Avengers!

-No, let’s make a movie-Apocalypse… a zombie Apocalypse!

In General, the film tries to please everyone and in the end loses his own face! The entity itself will Amanet completely unsolved, “division for the fight against evil” I do not understand what side here, the love interest of the main characters is also not entirely clear, the ending leaves a lot of questions that the audience most likely will not get answers. All storylines that the creators been trying so hard to fit in a two hour duration really hurt the integrity of the film. “The mummy” likely a poorly assembled collection of scenes than something total, whole. This situation is very similar to the recently released film, assassin’s Creed, only the main plot of the Mummy is another historical period in a different country and a different mythology.

But still, despite all of these flaws in the script, I liked the movie. Explain. First, I want to mention a gorgeous visual aspect. The whole film looks great: very bright, saturated colors of the desert, very bleak, mysterious atmosphere of London, the city where takes place the main action of the film, the special effects are also elaborated in detail. In General, one only visualization I can recommend to see this movie.

Secondly, a great selection of actors for the main roles. Sofia Boutella looks very organic in the role of a beautiful but ruthless will Amanet. Thanks to the actress, lots of makeup, and even in some scenario creators have managed to create this image, which I personally loved. As for Tom cruise, he is one of my favorite actors, so I was just nice to see it on the title role in this film.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, the film does not sleep. Yes, you can blame him for the apparent gaps in the script, but to call the film boring, at least I did not get. This film has it all — and this is his advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Plus, because it looks quite dynamic and interesting, minus, because with all that he does not look holistically.

Summarizing, we can say that the new “Mummy” I see all the same suggest. Of course, this film is a little on what may qualify, but if you look at it wider, you can find a lot of really cool things.

7 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 16.06.2017

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