New review: the Mummy 17.06.2017

“The mummy” in a performance directed by Alex Kurtzman this is a very controversial film. On the one hand — on the continuation of the original trilogy certainly does not pull, on the other hand — and the remake is very difficult to call. There is a suspicion that the Directors decided to take the path of least resistance, based on the once famous series, and having made it his propertiy.

The plot of the new “Mummy” resembles a strong pun, senseless and merciless. Here literally mixed everything in one pile: Ancient Egypt, crusaders, commandos, zombies, ghosts, a cult of some Illuminati (or whatever they are there…) and so on. Don’t know that they used the Directors and writers during the creation of this masterpiece, but in the end the film turns into a pathetic parody of cheap horror films. Watch this is possible only through tears, along with sadness remembering the original trilogy.

Installed all also very crooked: the movie as if composed of cut scenes, which are often not interconnected. It’s like some insane kaleidoscope of explosions, fights, chases in strange decorations that have almost no meaning. Characters suddenly and inexplicably ends up in weird places strange way there are some monsters… the Main characters are illogical and quite convincing. For example, the main character the whole movie then forgets about his partner and throws her in danger, saves her life and swears literally in love.

As for the acting, from the complete failure of the film is still save the occasional jokes and the insults Tom cruise and the beauty and grace of Sophia Boutella as Amonet. All the other characters absolutely not impressed with his play, and the role they have a very episodic.

In the end before us is solely a failed attempt to restart the famous series, devoid of special meaning and story depth. A good example of when even the presence of modern special effects and a stellar cast does not guarantee the success of the film if other aspects are not disclosed, and half of its potential.

3 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 17.06.2017

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