New review: the Mummy 17.06.2017

New “the Mummy” is old at the same time restarting the franchise of the same name and the first film of the “Dark Universe” from Universal Pictures. Although the original franchise personally I did not like the abundance of colorful and beautiful special effects in the new film forced me to go to the cinema for it.

So, try your experience to sort through.

1) Acting

In principle, from movies that featured Tom cruise I don’t expect bad games, and indeed, in “the Mummy” to understand the nature of the characters is easy because of the well transmitted to the viewer dialogue and emotions. Humor is good, it is right there where you need, without busting and cattle-jokes, which are so often inserted into popular films (for the sake of giving the films an atmosphere of purchase, apparently). I especially loved the game of Sophia Boutella, who played Amonet: the lust for power and selfishness in one. Unfortunately, a typical problem with most films is wildly inconsistent behavior that is generated as the generator of further action. But more on that later.

2) Graphics and video

Also a very good aspect of the film. The chase (Oh… and even chase Amonet characters idiotic, but more on that later) shows, unless you consider enchanting a bunch of nonsense in the story, more or less: if it is a forest, we see looming behind in the background of dark trees macabre Amonet, if it is a city, we see Amonet, the incredible power of the city covering the storm. In short, the gamma of the film is made very correct and appropriate course of events. One of the advantages of the film — high quality and fascinating scenery (in fact, for them I was going to the cinema for this movie). Action Amonet visually, if not pondering the logic, look creepy and powerful, the flight of nick, the hero of Tom cruise, also beautifully made: an ordinary man, running from a powerful ancient evil. In General, if you do not think about the logic, lack of which is very annoying when watching a film, the film is shot beautifully, pleasing to the eye.

3) the Soundtrack and audio series

In fact, it is not very noticeable. There are films in which music and the ambient sounds beckon and bewitch and force you to listen to them then just headphones, and in “the Mummy” soundtrack, apparently merges with the picture, and it’s just not paying attention. Well, at least not hostile, and though the atmosphere merges. Except that the silent scenes music playing well fills, and in these moments it is visible.

4) the Concept

“The mummy” 2017 year is a restart of the original franchise, therefore, before going to the movie theater for a session of this film I was expecting nothing more than the old “the Mummy” with modern graphics. It turned out that this is something new with the new evil, although with the old idea that with the above novelty was wrapped in a new colorful wrapper. To think about something philosophical in the film can not even try, because philosophy (and logic) no. New gods, the old alignment of events, but with unexpected (klishirovannyh light, unfortunately) ending. Beautiful movie with good actors.

5) Logic

So I got to this point. As I said, the logic in the film is almost there. Right up to the pain in his head brought moronic scene in which Amonet (remember: the ABSOLUTE EVIL IN the FLESH) behaves completely stupid (hit with a tranq dart… a lifeless body… Oh…). Hero Russell Crowe… Yeah give it to me, the filmmakers, at least one allusion to another work! Well, I have no idea who he is, although he is a popular literary hero. Hell, I’m watching a movie from scratch, I don’t know this character at all: why does he have a split personality, what’s wrong with second person? Even explain — I don’t have in the cinema of the opportunity to borrow books and start reading about Dr. Jekyll! And another blooper with a split eyeball: Amonet it is in the same stage was a double, in the next frame is normal. And it was constantly that, given the epic nature of this sight, enraged.

Summary: Yes, the film is beautiful and fascinating, but frankly stupid.

6 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 17.06.2017

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