New review: the Mummy 22.06.2017

For several years BC, the Egyptian Princess sold his soul to dark forces in order to remain heir to the throne — she had to let God Seth to move into the body elected her servants, but she prevented to perform the ritual and mummified alive, put the sarcophagus and placing in an underground tomb somewhere under the Sands of Mesopotamia (now Iraq).

Nowadays, the reincarnation of favourites (Tom cruise) at the call of the soul and easy money stole the map from a researcher of Ancient Egypt, to find what he thought was treasure! Foolishly, and the command may already be another body, he breaks into a tomb, because there starts to dream, send love in the form of erotic hallucinations. Then there is no turning back, said hero Russell Crowe — Dr. Jekyll, and begins an endless action…

The painting has sustained this genre mixture of Comedy, horror and Thriller in the style of the 90s, but with special effects of our time. It is to any comparison does not go with the old mummy, because it is much stronger and scarier. Reason took the famous steep Arab dancer on the role of Princess, I know her by the most digoxni clips of Madonna, since the stunts she did, most likely myself, was very plastic in the frame, which was all natural and look realistic.

Sofia Boutella in the role accustomed completely, that is not true of Tom cruise. He looks certainly good for his age and his advantages as an actor in blockbuster end. As I thought, he was only interested in the most awkward moments, there was complete immersion in the character that was talking about sex and the scene “unexpected outbreak of love to the researcher (Annabelle Wallis)”, with whom he spent one night and the film managed to throw a few times, undeniably beautiful erotic moments with ogrenimi will Amanet (Sofia Boutella) and nick (Tom cruise) during the ritual of rebirth in evil, in the morgue, things looked out of place, like from another movie. Rumor has it that the Volume itself changed the script as you wanted, problems in personal life someone make themselves known — perhaps the Director and writers! And secondary characters I will not write, since to me they are not particularly interesting.

The plot and directing at a high level, holds the viewer’s interest until the end, a lot of good vital and imaginative action, which is often the case in films with cruise, saw one gaffe, but to describe it will not, as it is a spoiler. Absolutely do not like the end, not too logical — they spoiled my impression about the movie. Overall a cool movie for all to watch, you will not regret. The trailer made mediocre — it only transfers the fatty effects, but does not convey the plot, it is not necessary to navigate.

8 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 22.06.2017

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