New review: the Mummy 25.06.2017

Universal, after watching the success of Disney with fairy tales, decided to rethink his classics in the horror genre, having started the creation of something like “the League of extraordinary gentlemen” or “Monsters on vacation” as an adult. Just not in a single instance, and the size of the entire universe (respectively dark). However, the embodiment of the idea are not set immediately…

“Dracula” (2014) reinterpreted with vanilla flavor, not earning anticipated by the creators of applause, because moving away into the background. And with “the Mummy”, which is pinned more hope, just had an accident.

And a key figure of the disaster — scenario. The attempt to bring in the story: the bloody history of the Egyptian Princess; show insane Dr. Jekyll with his “zoo”, a love story and to re-educate the main character, shaking his mind clear harassment of a mummy; to pull all first in Iraq, then in London, never looking in Egypt; to drag all this Templar; and most importantly, to show how Tom cruise is good — proved in all respects, losing to 110 minutes, which proves the reaction of the audience on the project and its corresponding rating. Did not reinterpret the classics, and a hat with a bunch of strange tricks that shot, but missed. Why the position of the film does not save even the presence of two international stars (but still good).

To call this film a remake or in any offshoot of “the Mummy” with Brendan Prizerom is also impossible, because they do not lend themselves to any comparison. Picture of 1999 and its continuation — mummies and curses (amazing!), adventure against them, laced with quality humor. But the creation of something else, where the plagues only the background with empty speeches, and the attempts of the characters to make jokes during the senseless fuss — flat pearl teenage level. For the entire movie made you smile just one joke (with a parachute) and it is because Cruz — well done!

Even if we consider the film as a whole, forgiving his name and to forget about the existence of predecessors, — it is impossible to estimate high because of the messy and crumpled up the narrative, turning the picture in the rubbish, which in places like second-rate horror 90-ies, where the logic is completely absent.

Because bad!

And, speaking of the absurdities of second grade… the day before “the Mummy” happened to meet with the movie “My girlfriend is a monster” with Anne Hathaway, who was also pelted by tomatoes stale for her, culturally speaking, unusual. Initially seem most absurd’s feature entertainment for the last two years, now he can play “the Mummy” in the battle for the title of trash, as I don’t know what’s worse: the fantastic story of the drunkard, destroying a quarter of Seoul, standing in a sandbox, or a meaningless Egyptian Princess, spewing mercury vomiting in a frenzy of desire to fuck Seth in the face of Tom cruise, which is good. Dilemma.

New review: the Mummy 25.06.2017

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