New review: the Mummy 26.07.2017

Action adventure with elements of fantasy. Did a lot of thinking before you watch this picture, even postponed several times, and finally looked up, and in the end… bezdarschina, only with a little effort, but everything in detail. The Studio decided to build their universe like marvel, and the concept they decided to implement. How this decision was wrong you can see, even though the picture (a complete box office failure in the world). But I will try to be objective, so first paint the good side of this picture (if you can call it a picture):

1. Excellent make up of a mummy — it really came out well. The design and special effects.

2. The final battle — the rest of the misery it really looks good. Music, effects, dialogue — everything works as it should.

3. Final credits — I mean, the titles looked very interesting. I’m not crazy.

Now tasty — bad side:

1. Practical full backup of the marvel universe — I do need to explain this? Are you sure? Well, marvel is a universe of superheroes, more like a dressed up clown who save the world from all the villains. The laws of physics there are conventional, while all they are perfectly kidding. Dark universe is a monster, darkness, where no sense of humor. They don’t mix in principle.DC has tried the concept of marvel to move to your universe, but it turned out “Suicide Squad,” and the result — not too good fees.

2. Strained attempts at humor — I was shocked when almost at the beginning sounded sick joke, I thought — well, once you can forgive, but how wrong I was. This was only the beginning of constant and inappropriate jokes, which with a few interruptions continued until the final battle. Apparently this time the writers released what they refueled, and began to happen what we need.

3. Reproduction of scenes and other elements in the picture “the Mummy” 1999 — Yes, that’s right. For me, these paintings (the Mummy and the Mummy Returns) is my childhood, so I could not fail to notice. This is how to be lazy, that would take whole scenes from the earlier film. And this applies to both characters, but more on that below.

4. Ugly make-up character Russell Crowe — because his name is Dr. Henry Jekyll, you know perfectly well what “character” I mean. The creators that have run out of ideas already on the mummy? Honestly, it was disgusting to watch on screen. Saved only voice in the Russian dub, which was very charismatic.

5. The Princess will Amanet — heir to the throne of Egypt — are you serious? Writers — you a moon fell to Earth? Maybe now it is possible to imagine, but then the maximum that will Amanet could expect is to be Regent for the heir to the throne. In those ancient times was a rigid Patriarchy in which a woman, even the daughter of Pharaoh was not very sweet.

Now the characters: Tom cruise — classic adventurer, almost a copy of Brendan Fraser. Tom here combat scenes really well but his jokes… the horror

Annabelle Wallis is an archaeologist, a walking encyclopedia, a copy of Rachel Weisz

Sofia Boutella — the Pharaoh’s daughter, and the main villain of the picture. Even if the actress is pretty average, but for this bastardina.

To summarize — the Creators spoiled the start of the Dark Universe, a project in which I am interested. I really want to see the classic monsters with the latest special effects, and especially in the excellent performance of the actors. But the failure of this picture puts a big dot before plans for the series. There were too many errors that ultimately led to the failure to hire and a huge loss of the Studio. I hope that the creators will draw the right lessons from this, and next film of this series will already be as it should be — dark, atmospheric and most importantly — interesting. And this is just a mediocrity, therefore, only

5 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 26.07.2017

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