New review: the Mummy 28.09.2017

So, what I had no taste.

1. In the film, a completely inharmonious blends Comedy, action and horror movies (although he was a weak unity). And here is the story, not that these genres do not mix.

2. Characters. Tom cruise — maybe it’s just me, but I have not found the balance between his game and character. He seemed to be superficial: there where supposed to be funny, even called smile, where the need to survive — evoked emotions, “Yes, kill him already.” She absolutely loved the heroine Wallis, so hated (especially in the beginning) that I wanted to give her something heavy on the head. If Rick and Evie, it was impossible to be angry that they woke up a mummy, then nick and his girlfriend-an archaeologist I want to scream “what have You done, idiots?” (connect this with the fact that the characters didn’t cling, it was not charisma).

3. The dialogues are mostly attended by “type of humor”, they didn’t even smirk. The humor was neither black nor vulgar, but a completely “flat”. The jokes were too…. clumsy, inappropriate, idiotic or something.

4. Netselect character Tom cruise — he is a good friend and protector, a blackguard and a scoundrel, able to throw a girl in the woods, where he runs a zombie. I admit, heroes, adventurers and first they create a charismatic spines, and then charismatic fur balls, and this is done step by step, but here… from one extreme to another, without any consistency. Anyway the characters are poorly developed, their actions and motives were unconvincing.

5. Huge plot holes and some copy-paste from “the Mummy” (a favorite and each time looking as if for the first).

6. Dr. Jekyll. What??? In the movie about the mummy??? No, of course I love it when characters from different stories meet each other (even able to be measured with Dr. Brennan in Sleepy Hollow or Tabota in the Bones), but it…. No, that’s all.

7. Love triangle: Amanet-Nick-Jenny.

8. Mummies are more like zombies.

What I liked?

1. Beautiful scenery. The scene in the desert, Egypt, chambers heiress… fascinating. This game paints… One word — thanks.

2. A dynamic image. But not in terms of action, and that shot high quality, great graphics, although it is to be expected.

3. Will amanet. Boutella (haven’t seen her) very much and sorry that she paid little screen time. Thanks to the make-up artists for make-up and image. In fact, it is the only character that I liked (I even was rooting for her, but she’s a villain). Perhaps only her “zombie” kisses were not to the taste.

4. Good special effects.

I love movies about mummies, a kind of fiction-adventure, but this picture did not cause me any positive emotions. It turned out unexamined unremarkable movie in terms of plot, but with beautiful, bright and dynamic image and a special effects level.

5 out of 10

New review: the Mummy 28.09.2017

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