New review: the Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 07.06.2017

After “the Mummy returns” 2001, the year and repeated attempts to weld (TV show + spin-off about the king Scorpions) franchise about a resurrected Egyptian priest, was wrapped in bandages and entombed in a sarcophagus for as long as seven years, after which a couple of archaeologists have unearthed the long-rotten corpse and is intensive care decided to potrubach mummy, all limbs and replaced by other, even more rotten. However, archaeologists from the doctors screwed up, so the place where I was supposed to be legs, put hands, left leg fitted in place of the right hand and the other completely stuffed in the place where biological waste is allocated. As you know, to walk such a design is unlikely, but would-be surgeons were satisfied with their work before the madness. To this madness that a couple of old archaeologists involved in similar excavations, has decided to retire.

First went the head of the initiative — Stephen Sommers, which place came Rob Cohen. And we must pay the last tribute — there’s only three large locations and two of them are extremely beautiful: gala night China, whose streets are illuminated with fireworks, as well as the beautiful snowy Himalayas. However, besides the General beauty of the location, actions, praise him more and not for that. Most of the film is an action, and Cohen loves the shaky camera and unnecessary slow-mo.

Speaking of which, the action is not just a bad shot, but still boring written. Most of the time the main characters will be easy to shoot. Shoot it. Occasionally there is something pooriginalnee, the type of colorful fireworks in China and the Yeti in the Himalayas.

The second went to Rachel Weisz who played Evelyn O’connell in the first two parts. The authors did not stop, they do not even have to kill the hero, and just replaced it with another actress. Which perfectly shows the paucity of local characters. Yes, Rick, Jonathan and Alex I wanted to survive, but only because it’s the characters old and tough. You can not say about Maria Bello, which looks alien and not like more that kulevoy to the adventures of the librarian, now Evelyn is some kind of model who can shoot guns, and occasionally cuddle with his family.

In addition, the authors decided to introduce a new main villain. And it’s good to shoot for the third consecutive movie about Imhotep would not be pretty. However, it is not enough just to introduce a new Mummy, you have to make it interesting, and this tape can not cope. Although not a bad idea — the mummy the evil Emperor of China. However, the tricks it interesting there (except in the snake-dragon to become able), and nature, and a fortiori zero. Could be so many interesting things related to dragons, to invent, but no — there is nothing comparable to face in a sandstorm.

Meaning and adolescent problem son O Families, who, even in one 20 minute episode of the animated series have been revealed better than here for two hours.

In the end I want to say only one thing — some things are better left in the past. Let alone our old friends, family O Conello, quietly and peacefully lived in his mansion. Without replacing Rick’s wife.

New review: the Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 07.06.2017

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