New review: the Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 28.07.2016

Unpleasantly surprised by the ratio of positive and negative reviews, and that’s with the average rating. Generally surprised by the very presence of negative reviews, not to mention their quantity. The feeling that all the haters phobia in front of the East race if they do not like the change of venue of the action from Egypt to China. Similar was observed with the criticism of the fourth part “Indiana Jones”, which is called consumer goods, but there is far from clear that present in this film, except that it is inferior to the first trilogy in the epic — the same sin the third “Mummy”, but this does not mean that it’s not good enough! Claims to trikvela cult novels based on the change of actress in the role of companion adventurer, but again can not imagine the slightest reason to lower the rating, if you approach the evaluation adequately. For a smaller number of active scenesthan in the first two “Mummies” can I reduce the rating by one point, not more.

The plot revolves around a family again adventurers, their son has grown up and he is able to fend for themselves, and this time they go to China, where in ancient times the events took place, like the ancient Egyptian that was shown in the first two parts. This time featured in the film the Chinese Emperor, cursed by a witch, and, like Imhotep, had the Millennium clad in clay, and, of course, it will enliven a magical way that will lead to incredible consequences, numerous battles in the most beautiful landscapes and gorgeous scenery — again a delight for the aesthete. The only flaw is that approximately the first half hour nothing happens, except for a tie with the events in ancient China. But remember the third part of all the beloved “Lord of the rings” — there, if the duration is 4 hours, for a good half of the movie had no action, but none of us say that this is a poor film, on the contrary, we all love the Saga of middle earth for her epic entertainment. “The mummy 3” can be praised for the same. At a certain point, the movie accelerates and begins to enjoy the abundance of locations, the magnitude of the accident and the incredible special effects — all this was in the first two parts, the whole trilogy is filmed in the same style. The film is primarily just interesting, it is important, and scold him do not want to. It is currently expected another remake, and this despite the fact that the 1999 version was already the third (the original was a horror film of 1932, remade in 1959), but it will be interesting to see a new version of the popular stories about the revived evil from the depths of centuries.

9 out of 10

New review: the Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 28.07.2016

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