New review: the Musketeers 29.07.2016

Now there is an opinion that “the Americans were able to make a movie until he found out that such effects”. And each new film in which they are, especially the free screening, people diligently mixes with what you know. It happened with the film of the recognized master of entertaining cinema, turning the classic novel into a spectacular blockbuster. Paul W. S. Anderson earned the General respect of the first part of a zombie legend “Resident evil”, but stained his reputation by the fourth part of the same film, and overly free interpretation of the novel by Alexander Dumas a sabotaged immediately after the release of the trailer, which was attended by the phrase “only we can prevent the Apocalypse!”, but as it turned out, in the film, there was this phrase, and in the promotional video made it up for effect. According to the haters freestyle adaptations of the Dumas was turned over in a coffin” from the movie “the Count of Monte Cristo” 2002, here, in the opinion of the haters, it’s dark. The conclusion from this is one of our (and American too!) the viewer most conservatives do not recognize any changes in your favorite books, while it is surprising that old freestyle film adaptation of the same novel all love and respect, even American film 1973, in which there is nothing interesting. Soviet film of 1979, note, also shot not word for word, and based on the novel — and all love, and sing songs from the movie (against this film I personally have nothing). And you know what’s funny? In 2014, he published the English series the Musketeers, where in common with the novel by Dumas only the names of the characters, not even a tie with the duel against D’artagnan Athos, Porthos and Aramis; each episode is pure fiction writer, and the plot and dialogue are nothing interesting. And what is the reaction of the people? Ate with pleasure! Ratings through the roof, and a negative review in the red. And only because the series from the BBC. What’s going on in the minds of our audience, is unclear. But lovely film by the talented Director and excellent acting of the team gets vicious criticism.

If Paul W. S. Anderson made the film word for word by the book, it would have been interesting: a literal adaptation saw the light in 1961, the French made a great movie, who was the leader of Soviet film distribution. Needed a blockbuster based on the novel, with an abundance of expensive action and beautiful scenery to the people who came to the cinema, saw a sight to see. The Director, known for zombie-Saga, a crossover about the two legendary monsters and science fiction Thriller about a race to the bottom, it was necessary to create another super attraction, based on the ancient story of the heroes of France and her journey full of dangers, for the sake of the honor of the country. The plot remained the same as in the book (unlike the TV series, 2014), just embellished a pleasant visual surprises, so the film becomes like a fantasy but it is his only benefit. The actors picked up on “excellent”, the dialogues of the characters and not at all pleasing, sometimes they are eloquent, sometimes with lethal humor. The Director showed a complete set of incredible adventures, pleasing to the eye and ear. Why is this bad, I never understood all the claims of the haters based solely on disagreement with the book, which, though very high, but have no meaning when the screen is so energetic and just an interesting adventure. Special thanks to Mille for such a vivid negative role — as far as I know, such a role she had for the first time.

10 out of 10

New review: the Musketeers 29.07.2016

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