New review: the Musketeers 30.07.2016

Staging a season of films in the genres of fantasy and adventure, I have included in my program for a month this series and many other films of this direction, among which were three of the film based on the novel by Alexander Dumas: a French film, 1961, American 2011, Russian 2013 (extended TV version), and the series, which will be discussed. The first of these I was looking at earlier, and I think the most accurate adaptation of the novel, and one of the most interesting; the second of these — on the contrary, the free-style adaptation, which can be called a blockbuster, and the attraction, angry responses which I totally understand; the third, who viewed me in the condensed film version, previously caused outrage, the full version is like, but a masterpiece I think. About English series I had heard that in common with the novel of Dumas in it — only the names of the charactersand the plot in each series is completely fiction writer, but for some reason everyone loves this series, although the free adaptation usually hate. I myself such was always loyal, and the film Paul W. S. Anderson I was very fond of, since it is an elementary interesting and exciting. To low-budget films, I’ve always been loyal, so the effects for me in the first place. Costume series I like, and I say that American projects of this type are more qualitative than the rest — take the same “Spartacus. Blood and sand”, “Rome”, “Game of thrones”, or the little-known “Robinson Crusoe” in 2008. From the English series about the three Musketeers I was expecting, if not expensive scenery and action, then at least just an interesting interpretation. I am so disappointed.

I do not understand those personalities that mix with the dirt solid picture of 2011 only for special effects, unaware of sparkling humor or an exciting plot. The project is of dubious quality, question, praise for what is not clear, and this despite the fact that in common with the novel, it is still less than the film starring Milla Jovovich, or rather nothing in common. Here there is not even ties with the failed duel D’artagnan and Athos, Porthos and Aramis, start fictitious events. The first two series were pretty interesting, even the humor was present, but the imagination of the authors only lasted for these two series. In all subsequent in the first season (each season of 10 episodes) the stories uninteresting, lackluster dialogue, poor camera work (in our new mini-series with Yuri Chursina in the role of Athos, and the survey was more dashing, or something), decorations are generally forced to close his eyes at the sight of such poverty. I imagined this series is quite different: thought it’s as entertaining free-style adaptation, as above me, “Robinson Crusoe” in 2008, which is also common with the book were only the names of the two main characters, but the show pleased a very dynamic plot. But it seems that the British did not know how to make a costume series.

No, the series is not quite over, it has interesting moments, but overall the staging, screenplay and dialogues at a very low level. After the fifth series, I realized that this series is not pulled out and decided not to watch the second season, but instead to look at five more standing films, which I did. The series is not a pleasure, even when viewing in HD quality. And sorry if a similar project was undertaken by the Americans, then quite possibly he would get much more worthwhile. Even our new serial production (meaning full version, 10 episodes), it looks more presentable. Here, no claim of the discrepancy with the book and not to perverse images of the characters (especially my Lady), and to the incompleteness of the storyline in almost every episode. But to praise only because he is from the famous Studio, unwise.

6 out of 10

New review: the Musketeers 30.07.2016

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