New review: the Neon demon 28.07.2016

The idea that the first impression about a person develops in visual contact is not new, but it is true. Beauty opens doors, magnify it, and, not surprisingly, it make a lot of money. But what hides behind an attractive face? Nicolas Winding Refn is very understandable about monsters shrouded in a beautiful shell.

The author intends to present “The Neon Demon” in the grotesque form by focusing on the most common problems business model sometimes reaching the point of absurdity. It is the absurdity of certain aspects makes a mediocre plot — and allegory in the most disgusting form, and hyperbole with which Refn did not hesitate to play a game creating a brutal caricature of the fashion world.

All the works of Nicolas Winding Refn, despite their visual superiority, very difficult for the unprepared viewer the risk to remain unhappy and Neon demon. And if “Bronson” and “Drive” was accepted pretty warmly, the Demon goes into the Treasury of the controversial works of the Director.

New review: the Neon demon 28.07.2016

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