New review: the Neon demon 28.07.2016

“Beauty is not just beauty, beauty is the very essence of things”

With the work of Director Nicholas Refn Wirlinga I don’t know, but after seeing the trailer of the film “the Neon demon” I was intrigued by the name alone already arouses interest. It is worth noting that this film was presented at the Cannes film festival, in this connection, it is already possible to imagine what to expect from the film.

To tell you the truth, my expectations were justified, and even more. This is probably the first movie in a long time that I waited, and the trailer is not exceeded the actual picture, on the contrary, the most important left-overs.

When began watching the film “the Neon demon”, was breathtaking, as we present beautiful visuals: bright colors, flash, neon light. The musical accompaniment enhances the effect of what is happening in the picture. From the point of view of aesthetics, shot, of course, beautiful. However, where the beauty there and the ugliness that, unfortunately, is more often internal than external, so in the picture there are scenes that could cause disgust, but because of how withdrawn, even in such moments I feel that it is part of the beautiful glossy world where some of the crazy, strange and repulsive.

The main character Jessie, played by El Fanny, arrives in Los Angeles, she is young and beautiful, and most important of all, her beauty is genuine, and that is the reason for envy. Shiny makeup, gorgeous hair, neon light — all of it perfectly complements the image of Jesse. In my opinion, as played its El fanning, nobody played, because it was perfect for the role. It is flawless. Appearance, character, opinion, which changes periodically: at one point he is naive and the other with a cold and demonic. Jesse is not as simple as it might seem at first glance, and the surrounding see it and admire it.

If we talk about other characters of the painting “the Neon demon”, that is, of course, mark ruby, Sarah and Gigi, because they are also, if not the main, important characters definitely. They are part of the world, which attracts young girls: the world of fashion and beauty. Sarah and Gigi is a successful model ruby makeup artist. Neon light is like a pendulum for them, but it’s worth noting that the neon is a substance that has neither smell, nor taste, nor color, it is inert, like ruby, Sarah and Gigi, in which, in fact, except for appearance, nothing yet. Madness is another definition that applies to them. The main question arises, is perfect the world of fashion and beauty? Behind all this façade of anger, envy, and boundless madness. And if it is about Sarah and Gigi from the first moment you can make a correct opinion, that ruby just turned out to be more complicated and unpredictable. In my opinion, the synopsis of this painting is the unpredictability of what is happening. And the final scene confirms once again that for the sake of beauty people are willing to go to great lengths, especially when people do not have such beauty.

In conclusion, I want to say that perhaps the idea of beauty, its meaning and significance in General is not new. But as it is presented, Bravo Nicholas Virding Reno! Kind, truthful and cruel. In my opinion, it’s a real art-house, as shown here real art: unusual camera angles, close-UPS of actors, infrared light, bright light, a full spectrum of neon, strange triangle, which, apparently, is a symbol of pattern and beauty, madness, disgust — all of it is so attractive inside the world of fashion. Dreams, goals, desire — this is the basic concept of the film “the Neon demon”. And most importantly, that these goals justified the means. It is also worth noting the words which said to another character in the role of a fashion designer, that true beauty is natural beauty, and the rest doesn’t matter. And that’s the beauty of the possessed Jesse. In my opinion, this film deserves the attention of every viewer, as anyone will be able to make certain conclusions.

New review: the Neon demon 28.07.2016

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