New review: the Neon demon 30.07.2016

If the people sitting next to you in the hall, asleep in the middle of a movie if after watching from the audience hear the phrase “I only came for Keanu” or “it would be better to purge went,” that’s a good sign that you just watched a very good movie.

When I went to the cinema, I was ready to forgive Renu periodic lack of sense and holes in the plot, sometimes excessive slowness of the scenes in exchange for a hell of an impeccable and stylish visual design. But I was in no way prepared for what I saw: perfectly adjusted, and the form of scenes, each of which operates to transfer the main idea of the film: “beauty is important”. In the beginning I was just watching, absorbing information, remember details, kept in mind, and was looking forward to when they will be contacted into one coherent picture, which then happened. In this picture there is not a single superfluous detail, no obscure point that would have had to Google after watching.

If you go to the movies in the circus, then this film is definitely not for you. It’s not fun. It is an art.

While it’s not hard Arthouse when viewing it is necessary to strain and try to discover meanings, to add something from yourself and still do not understand. The idea is very clear communicated to the viewer, and I simply can not understand why almost every review is written that, say, there’s no sense, psychedelic epileptic horror, “if you are not an important story, but it is important to picture Refn lives in a fantasy world and stuff.

Personally, I left the hall totally satisfied seen, and will go again, but not because something remains not clear. I want to feel it again and enough of Refn’s impeccable taste.

New review: the Neon demon 30.07.2016

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