New review: the Neon demon 30.07.2017

Obviously the creators wanted to make something like Black Swan, only about models. But did not realize that Elle fanning is not Natalie Portman. Absolutely not.

A similar story could “shoot” in the 80s, but not in 2016, when we know all aspects of the fashion business. Seriously, for whom “the Neon demon” was supposed to be a revelation?

The whole movie I had the feeling that all see a young Helen Slater, and I’m just an ordinary teenage girl whose skin is paler than the first Finnish snow. When the main character pretentiously said, “for such beauty as mine, kill,” I laughed.

The film is very boring and slow, plus there are exactly two — the scene in the shower and a small role in Keanu Reeves.

2 out of 10

New review: the Neon demon 30.07.2017

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