New review: the Neon demon 31.07.2016

Finally he’s back! The genre of the “Giallo” has come back in triumph! Oh, it’s a wonderful blend of Argento, Lynch and Kubrick! Divine kinoakter! Wang, this is the brightest of the Prime Minister will become the new classics.


Fascinating picture, great built frame, flashy colors — that’s “the Neon demon”. One of the most beautiful films about beauty. The film is a silent, contemplative color. This movie as if hypnotized, subordinating his narrative makes you believe. what in the whole world there is nothing more beautiful Elle fanning.


In the film there is not one false moment associated with acting. Each character on the screen was overcome with emotion. Doll models with their crystal tears and the devastating, explosive envy fills the viewer with empathy. Movie overflowing with great acting, skillful frames and mirrors.

On the mirrors are worth a special mention, they are everywhere. Most often we see characters in the mirror that puts the picture depth. This perspective, which arises from reflection, as it suggests that the characters live in a world more real than the world of the viewer.


The film looks at one breath and sometimes this breath is necessary to hold not to disturb the narrative. The music pulsates with heart and ringing bells, and sintezatora. Music similar to the band “Goblin”, remember Argento. Dynamic film, but not fussy; emotional, but not fake; zrelishnye and however ugly. This film reveals the unity of beauty and ugliness, they are parallel. inseparable existence.

The film is gorgeous and beautiful!

10 out of 10

New review: the Neon demon 31.07.2016

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