New review: the Neon demon 31.07.2016

Looked at “Baikonur”. The film will appeal to fans of glamorous patterns, throbbing electronic music, and masterful work with color and lighting. At the extreme, seen somewhere close to the works of the writer Vladimir Sorokin, master of words and outrageous.

The plot is archetypical — remember the fairy tale “Sleeping beauty”, where in order to be the most beautiful, evil stepmother-witch is trying to kill his young beauty, the daughter, first ordering him to get her out into the woods, and then, acting probably, personally trying to poison her.

That Director Nicolas Winding Refn decided in his film to go as far as possible, showing us that in the world of showbiz, female models, there is no taboo when they seek to remain the most popular, successful and beautiful, and so they cruelly and mercilessly remove their rivals.

As for the horror genre, Thriller, so in our time to reach out to the viewer, to touch him to believe in what is happening — you need to use or real videos online on smartphones or exaggerated artistically by showing the horrors around us in the modern world, and Nicolas Winding Refn just finds a story in the fashion world, and then shows it to us.

The viewer evolyutsioniruet along with the movie and the wait is already difficult to scare someone to death with stories like, at the time, the successful “Nightmare on elm street, Friday the 13th or all parts of “Saw.” If the new not to approach the genre and churning out the previous scenes, the audience is just going to laugh at what is happening, munching popcorn and drinking Cola or beer, and constantly expelling in the toilet, because what is happening on the screen will not capture it.

It was a great spectacle with beautiful Actresses, and I watched the mesmerizing the credits to the very end, when the few spectators already left the room. Turn off the projector in a small light box, and I was alone in a dark empty room, no one wanted to leave, and I specifically was delayed by about 7 minutes, as this is a very interesting feeling when in the dark barely differ the empty rows of seats and sides of the hall downstairs you can see only only two exit signs.

New review: the Neon demon 31.07.2016

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